Just begun the weaning journey at 19 weeks

Hi everyone! I'm Lucy, new to the forums and new to parenting! My lo is 19 weeks old, and we have just started him (on Monday) on a daily meal of baby rice before his second feed of the day. So far so good. He's really seeming to enjoy it. I think my plan at the moment is to stick to the baby rice once a day for the next month until he's just over 5 months, then slowly begin to introduce purees etc. Has anyone got any good advice or recipes they could share for these early stages?


  • Hi Lucy, hope you are ready for lots of mess lol. I started weaning my son at 17 weeks and he is now 14 months! Ive loved the whole weaning experience and found the forums really useful for advice and recipe ideas. In the very early stages if I was introducing a strong new flavour I would mix the puree with a little baby rice. A great first food that my lo loved was sweet potato. You can make it as smooth as you like or use as finger foods. Good luck and I hope you enjoy every moment image

  • I started very early at 12 weeks with just a little baby rice once a day after her dinner time feed and stayed like this for a few weeks. I then introduced each new fruit and veg very puréed down and mixed with baby rice one at a time so I could look out for signs of allergy etc before removing the rice and starting to mix them together. Meat was the last thing I started her on, puréed chicken and tomato with basil was her fave.agree with Jodie sweet potato was one of the firsts it's great for mashing n mixing with milk to water it down. Parsnip and butternut squash were some of my Los faves Too. I used to make big batches and freeze in ice cube trays do I could pick and choose what I wanted to give her and could vary it with each meal. Good luck! X

  • I started weaning my little one at 21 weeks and started him with one meal day, which was baby rice for the first week. Then after that I started letting him play with food while in his high chair while I prepared his puréed meal. I found he loved sweet potato. If I was introducing a new vegetable, I would mix it with sweet potato and he would eat it. I always used baby rice to thicken thin purées (especially fruit purées) and use it to bulk up his meals. 

    Early on he enjoyed sweet potato, red lentil and carrot purée, avocado and pear, red lentil curry with baby rice purée, minted pea. Take a look at the recipe exchange for receipes idea. 

    At this stage, weaning is introducing little ones to new textures and food and not about nutrition. their bodies get everything they need from milk.

    Hope you both enjoy your weaning journey.  

  • Hi Lucy,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of weaning. I'm sure you and your little one will have lots of fun. It is a really special time for you and your baby, I loved (and still do) exploring food with Annabel. It will also change the way you eat and how and what you make for your meals.

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

  • Hi Everyone! 

    We're getting on so well. Thank you for all the advice. I've done very similar things to you guys - Bert has had baby rice every day for a week. Then I decided to start him on a 2 week plan of a different pureed vegetable each day. I started with the more savoury veg as I wanted to get him used to the savoury rather than sweet flavours. I ended the two weeks with the sweeter veg, which he loved. Each day I made a large batch of each vegetable and froze it in my silicone cube trays - now I have a whole freezer drawer full of baby puree all ready to use. image I feel very saintly. Today we are starting to mix two veggies together (as I know he hasn't had a reaction to any of them) - its pea and parsnip today. 

    The veggies Bert has tried : Potato, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green beans, Cabbage, Asparagus, Courgette, Peas, Brussel Sprouts, Aubergine, Artichoke, Parnsip, Butternut Squash, and Swede. I gave them in this order. I would really recommend this method to any mums new to weaning. its a fab way to make a large batch of varied flavoured purees over a couple of weeks, and great way to get your lo used to lots of flavours. 

    Lucy x

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