Poorly Baba

Harlowe has been full of a cold for the past 10 days, well in herself, sleeping well but she has gone off any purees that are being offered. So basically her breakfast and a few bites of porridge before bed. I cant even give her some yoghurt!! While we are doing mainly BLW and she loves this, I can't say she is actually swallowing a whole pile. I always think she is doing great because her mouth is full and I see her putting the food too her mouth but when I pick her up there seems there is more food in her high chair than when I started feeding her. How is this even possible?? My worry here is that she is going to start waking more for milk because her belly isn't full. Already her night feed is getting earlier and earlier... any advise please xx



  • How old is she EmLowe? Have you already dropped milk feeds? Perhaps you could put in half a milk feed during one of the feeds? My son is doing more BLW now and again a lot ends up in his bib and doesn't seem to be eaten but it's not affected his sleep luckily.  I guess they say food for fun, until 1 so I wouldn't worry too much but if sleep starts being affected then I would maybe add half a feed during the day and see how it goes until her cold passes.  Remember that the calories that she would have been having in the purees wouldn't have been that much so she's probably not having a lot less.

    Hope she gets better soon x

  • She has just turned 7 months this week so is still on 32oz of milk a day somedays 36oz. Maybe its a little growth spurt shes going through then. I do love how adamant she is about refusing the spoon though and how much she loves feeding herself image

    Thank you for responding x


  • Also I tried her with some porridge fingers this morning when she refused her weetabix again and she loved them. Thank goodness for BLW image x

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