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Tomato Allergy

I gave my 8 mth old some cherry tomatoes today for the first time and all around her mouth went bright red. It only lasted half an hour and she didn't appear to be in any discomfort. Now I cook with tomatoes from fresh or passata ot tinned at least 3 times a week and she has never had a reaction.

Is this an allergy? Is it possible to have an allergy to a food in its raw state and not when its cooked??




  • I don't know but tomato ketchup and something else acidic used to do that to my son. I think it was more a temporary skin reaction to its harshness with him.
  • Also I would guess it could be possible to have an allergic reaction to a food in its raw state and not cooked if the cooking process altered the allergen in such a way it was no longer percieved as a threat.
  • Hmm I will have to try it again Samantha. Like I said it was only there for a short time so maybe its the acid like you mentioned rather than an allergy. Thank you

  • my now ten year old used to get this whenever she ate tomatoes or anything tomatoe based. she was never in any discomfort so i just carried on giving her them and used vasaline if needed as in the winter she did get sore.

    shes not had a reaction since she was about 3 or 4.


  • Emlyn, do not try cherry tomatoes again until you have had allergy testing done or seen the doctor . With some allergies you can get a mild reaction with the first exposure, But the second can cause an anaphylaxis reaction (very severe reaction that needs hospital treatment).

    Not trying to scare you. But do be careful as allergies can be dangerous. If your LO can tolerate tomato in other forms then continue with them, but I wouldn't give cherry tomatoes again. X
  • agree with Nicola that you don't want to take risks but both of mine were exactly the same. Could have sauce etc but when had actual tomatoes both went red but no discomfort. They seem fine with it now

  • Tomatoes are a common allergenic food. I was told to stay away from them with Henry.
  • Well I gave her some cherry tomatoes again at the weekend. The skin around her mouth went a little blotchy but no other reactions and by the time she had finished her lunch her skin was perfectly normal. I think its just a little reaction to the acid in the tomatoes phew!!!

  • That's good to hear.  Mine still go a little red when they have it, although apparently when they had suncream on it was a good enough barrier to stop it irritating his skin!

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