Stomach Upset

Hi Guys, 

Poor little Bert (6.5 months) has got a horrible tummy bug which started last weds - only sick once, but diarrhoea after every bottle. He is happy in himself and isn't dehydrated - I took him to the doctors on friday and he re-assured me its just a bug and to feed him his milk as normal and bland solid food. So we've stuck to baby rice, cereals and rusks - as well as his normal milk feeds. I'm just concerned that he's still getting these runny nappies pretty much after every feed (give or take a few). When would you return to the Drs? 

Have you experienced a stomach bug with your littlies before? How long did it last? What did you feed them on? 

I'd appreciate any support and advice

Lucy x


  • My dd had this at about the same age, it was horrendous she was constantly sick and pooing everywhere but all docs would do is give me calpol. I had her in twice and he said literally nothing they can do and just to carry on feeding as normal and that loads of it going around at the mo and even if she did come in dehydrated all they could do was send me hosp to have her put on a drip! It lasted a good few days to a week I'd say if he's still no better by fri to return just for reassurance. But as long as he's doing wees and seems quite content id just carry on as u r. You can buy sonething like dioaralyte to rehydrate baby if u have any concerns x

  • At least you two have nice Docs. Mine 11 years ago told me to only give my son water image xx He was like if you dnt feed him the diarrhea will stop image I was so angry following that advise.
  • Aww no wonder you were angry at that Doctor. 

    I'm taking Bert back to Drs this morning as he's still getting a diarrhoea-y nappy after each feed image he seems happy in himself, and still wanting to eat everything - but I just want to get him re-checked. It's rubbish - I've never done so much washing in my life! And his bums really sore now. Poor little monkey! 

    On the plus side he's discovered a love for Farley's Rusks mixed with heinz fruit & yoghurt cereal which he's devouring at every meal. 


  • Lucy,

    The key is that Bert is himself, if he was crying more, not eating/drinking, not sleeping etc then you need to worry. But the fact that he is 'still his happy self' is reassuring. 

    He has a new gut and is being exposed to new foods, new bugs and new germs all the time. It will take a while for his gut to get used to 'the new world of food'. I suppose just like when you go on holiday to a new country you often get a tummy bug, I suppose it must be like that almost everyday for our little ones. 

    You should never worry about taking your LO to the doctor or HV, that is what they are their for, even if you just need a bit of reassurance. Don't forget that you can always call 111 too, which the national helpline for health enquiries (replaced NHSdirect). 

    Hope he starts to feel better soon. x x


  • My son has really runny nappies at the moment but he's just started nursery and they've never been particularly solid at the best of times so it could be the new food... Or (especially as Bert is 6 months) it could be teeth?  Both my children's nappies go horrible when teeth are cutting or moving before and they get bad nappy rash too.  So if it continues then it could be down to teeth.

    But for diarahoea or sickness we always give diaroaltye instead of a bottle to make sure they replace essential salts etc into their body.

    If you're still concerned keep going to the doctors or call 111 as Nicola says but it could be just teeth, it could be his gut adjusting his food or it could be a bug.  These children like to keep us guessing don't they!

  • How is Bert now, has his tummy settled down. Its horrible when they are not 100% but do take comfort from the fact that he happy in himself. x


  • With an upset tummy I always follow BRAT





    It's hard as milk isn't great to have with a bad belly but babies still need it, but I've found having the food above help.

    Hope your Lo is ok now x
  • Hi lovely ladies! 

    Bert is doing really well again - but his nappies weren't right for about 3 weeks all in all. We stuck to giving him bland foods (baby rice, rusks, banana etc) for the whole 3 weeks and all his usual feeds (despite them coming out the other end pronto!) but we stuck with it and now he's back to normal, eating his vegetables etc again and all seems normal. It was horrible going through the tummy bug for the first time - but I feel confident that next time I'll feel more able to treat it without worrying so much! This being a first time mum thing is scary stuff sometimes. Nicola, you're so right that the key is about knowing your baby and if they are well and happy in mood then usually it isn't anything major - they are just so sensitive as they discover all the new foods etc as you said! 

    Lucy x

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