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Taste buds!

I was wondering if taste buds are inherited? I ask this because I absolutely HATE baked beans!! I would go as far as to say I actually have a phobia of them!!! The smell, the texture, even the look sends shivers down my spine.

Anyway my observation is that when Annabel was given baked beans last week, she was revolted by them!! She really didn't like them, spat them out, and pushed the bowl away, she really wasn't happy. 

I don't like tomatoes either (unless cooked!), Annabel is the same, she pushes them away or spits them out, but she loves tomato based hot meals (as do I).

Do your LOs like or dislike the same foods as you? (or Daddy?) Or is it just Annabel??


  • I wonder if Annabel has seen you communicate your dislike for baked beans, and so has followed suit with her own dislike for them? I know that my mum and I have extremely similar dislikes when it comes to food - we both hate celery, jaffa cakes, radishes, rocket etc. So maybe it is hereditary?...

    I've done some research and apparently we are all broken down into 3 cetegories

    "Adam Drewnowski from the University of Michigan has found that some people are “supertasters” some are “regular tasters” and others are “non-tasters” based on their ability to taste specific bitter substances. Some people do not detect these substances at all, while others find them intensely bitter and offensive."

    So maybe you and Annabel are both in the same tasting group? 

    "...about 25 per­cent of people are supertasters,50 percent are regular tasters and 25 percent are nontasters. This is based on people's ability to taste a bitter substance called n-6 propylthiouracfl ( PROP for short). The ability to taste or not taste PROP appears to be determined by genetics. Apparently, if you have the genes that confer sensitivity to PROP, then you are a supertaster. If you have one these genes, you are a regular taster and if you have none, you are a non-taster.

    Bartoshuk found that super­tasters have more taste buds on their tongue. Consequently, there are more taste buds to send bitter messages to the brain, as well as sweet messages.

    Our age plays a role in the density of taste buds on our tongue. Children have the most taste buds which may explain why they are more sensitive and it sends bitter messages to the brain, as well as sweet messages."

    It's really interesting isn't it? 

    Lucy x

    (source: )  

  • I'm fascinated by the nature / nurture debate! I try not to show dislike for foods in front of the kids but do find it funny if they turn their noses up at the same things as me! Although I remember my nephew going off tomatoes even though he used to love them and it was probably because his mum hated them!


    i saw the thing about super tasters on BBC a little while ago. Due to size of taste buds or something!

  • It is really interesting isn't?  I have never shown any dislike to beans in front of Annabel, as I don't ever eat them. Her dad gave her them without me there. She doesn't like uncooked tomatoes, neither do I, but again she has never seen me eat them as I don't. she normally tries most things, so its really interesting. I haven't tried her on peanut butter yet a bit nervous about the whole allergy thing) but that is another of my food hates!! Yet all the things Daddy doesn't like (cucumber, fish) she eats happily!! This opens up another debate!! ha ha, 
  • Ha! How funny. My daughter doesn't like tomatoes either at the moment, I'm putting it down to a texture thing at the moment?!

  • There aren't many foods me or dady don't like so wouldn't know lol x x
  • Yeah there's not a huge amount that me & my husband don't like - so far Bert has been pretty good with most foods, except brussels sprouts - but I can't really blame him on that, its quite a strong flavour isn't it? It'll be interesting as Bert tries more foods as to whether he'll show aversions to things we also dislike. 

  • My girls love most foods so they must take after me. To be fair though with them both at nursery now they eat stuff that I wouldnt touch with a barge pole like quorn (because I think its devil food) and lentil stews/curries (because I've no idea how to cook them!!)

    Kids are just funny though with food, Ive seen my eldest eat half her dinner and then look at me and say 'no like!!' and spit out a mouthful.  HA

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