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Knowing there's an allergy

My son has bad eczema as I've mentioned before. He is also sick on certain foods, especially acidic foods and needs to stay off dairy. But recently he keeps getting very loose nappies and have found him about 4 mornings in the last month covered in sick. 

Do you think this is a bug that he can't shift or that it's probably something upsetting his sensitive tummy? We've asked for allergy / intolerance testing but the GP won't do it because we're in the system with the dermatologist. But I have made another appointment with the GP and I'm asking nursery to keep a food diary. 


Find it so hard knowing whats best and whether it's a bug or not!


  • We had yet more sickness last night.  So that's last wednesday, Saturday morning and Monday night.  Just once and he's perfectly happy before and after.  Will hopefully get a doctors appointment today but I'm at such a loss as to what's wrong with him.

  • We'd been giving Austin soya milk and apparently if children have issues with dairy there's a high chance they'll have an issue with soya. So since Wednesday he's been back on prescribed lactose free formula.... Fingers crossed, so far so good!,

  • Poor little one image Henry can't have dairy but is fine on soya. Just waiting for his allergy appt. as even though he is dairy free his skin still does flare up x x
  • It's difficult isn't it. This time round dairy free his skin is slightly better but still really dry and like sandpaper.  Hope we get allergy testing.

    We did get a skin appointment, sent to us last thursday for last friday! But we were at a wedding so have had to postpone!

  • My eldest who is two, eczema has really kicked off again over the past few weeks. I can't figure out what has triggered it. Its mainly on her legs and the back of her neck. Any ideas on creams or bath stuff to help?

  • Have they eaten anything different ? Creams helped Henry's itching but it was his diet that caused it x
  • No I really can't figure out what has changed in her diet. Its so annoying and worse its upsetting her too. I know if she goes back to the docs all they will perscribe is a cortisone cream which I really don't want to be a the go to. x

  • I use diprobase on Henry but it so messy. And aloe cream on his face xx

    Hope you get it sorted xxx
  • We've had all sorts of creams but they don't work.  We do have oilatum for the bath which helps but get it on prescription as it's not cheap.

    This emollient cream from Bioderma has been the only one to soften his skin and help with eczema but it doesn't get rid of it - I guess because we don't know what is actually causing it.

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