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Healthy lollipop recipes?

Hi All

With this nice weather I'd like to do some homemade lollipops, anyone got any good recipes?  I'm sure when we were younger we just made them with squash but think they would melt too quickly for my two!

At the weekend we had some of the Waitrose fruit pops they are really good!  So tasty, would recommend these for sure!


  • What about blending fruit and milk so you get a sort of mini milk style lollipop? X

  • I have a great recipe! 

    Peach/Nectarine & Banana smoothie lollipops


    3 medium ripe peaches or nectarines (pitted and quartered)

    3 medjool dates (pitted and halved)

    1 medium banana

    1 cup of non fat greek yoghurt

    1/2 cup milk

    1 tsp vanilla extract

    1/4 tsp ground allspice 


    Use a smoothie maker or hand blender to blitz all of the ingredients up, and then pour into lolly moulds and freeze. These are really scrumptious for adults too and only 49 calories (for adults who are counting) 

    image My son loves them in this hot weather and they don't melt too fast. 

    Lucy x




  • My friend gave my nearly 11 mth old little girl a froze frube yesterday and she absolutely loved it. Not to my taste but she was delighted with herself image

  • Amazing!  Thank you!  Definitely going to try that one Lucy... Except the rain is meant to be coming now!!  But will print it off and get some made for the freezer.


    Great idea about blending milk / yogurt had never thought of that before 

  • I haven't tried this yet but. I was thinking of mixing some fruit puree and yogurt then freezing in an ice cube tray with some lollipop sticks sticking out. I was hoping they would turn out to be a bit like the milky pops we used to get as kids. Also my theory is that you get frozen yogurt, so this idea should hopefully work!!??

    I'll let you know once I have made them. image

  • Even though the weather has changed (boo!) I have put a little petit filous in the freezer, I'll let you know what happens ha ha. This could work really well or it could go horribly wrong!! Watch this space!!! x

  • Oooh I love petit filous (and I haven't tried Bert on them yet) but I like the idea of freezing them…let me know how you got on with them? Typical though the blooming weather is rubbish again now!! 

  • The frozen petit filous would be the same as the frozen frube (its petit filous in a plastic tube) so easier for older kids supposedly with less mess!!! Hmmmm

    Anyway they freeze great and both my girls love them (when the sun is out) so probably next year now image

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