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when we weaned our son we got our daughter a little portable booster seat. We managed to get a foam / inflatable one for £6 second hand! Now our son is a year and his thighs are too big for a bumbo when travelling we needed another one, we managed to get a munchin one from Wilkos which is fab and has space for carrying plates etc! I love our oxo tot highchair at home but have to say these portable booster seats are amongst our best parenting buys ever. So useful to take when visiting people and we use them at home too meaning that we can all sit at the table together. 


The he other recent great buy is a little late as we should be dropping bottles soon but never mind... Mam self sterilising bottles! No more steriliser, another big space saver when going away. Just take the bottles then put them together in a way and 3 mins later in the microwave they're done! I'm probably the last person to know about these but such a useful space saver! It's the little things that make me happy!


  • The MAM bottles are also great for mums combi feeding or trying to wean from breast to formula. I think its because they have a flatter teat. I had a friend who struggled to wean her son from about 5 months when she was going back to work onto a bottle she tried so many different brands and in the end they are the ones he loved.

    Our other best buy would have to be our video monitors. Nosey parents maybe but I love to see how they actually settle themselves off to sleep at night. They regularly make me laugh image

  • My friend had the same with the MAM bottles, her daughter would take no other bottles apart from these!  For my son the only ones he would take was Dr Browns

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