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Cutting out dairy

Annabel has developed a post tummy upset lactose intolerance. This means we have had to cut out all dairy products. This has been really hard, I had totally taken it for granted as to how much dairy we ate on a daily basis. 

At first I thought 'oh easy just the bottle before bed' How wrong I was. Butter on toast/sandwiches, breakfast cereals, home-made muffins and cakes, all our lovely cheese based dishes such as fish pie, chilli with sour cream and cheese!, fruit and petit filous, It has been a nightmare!

We now have a soya milk in the bottle at bed time. a soya based margarine and soya yougart and many changes to our main meals. We cook a lot of tomato based dishes instead of cream based dishes, also I have started given Annabel slices of meat and pick-up vegetables and potatoes. So she seems to get more of a finger- food selection than before. 

Hopefully we will start to introduce dairy back slowly soon, in fact we have snuck in a little petit filous here and there.

But never again will I take it for granted how much we had relied on diary as a stable diet requirement!!


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