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Sweet potato - a great idea for a first food!

My friend is just about to start weaning and has asked me for my suggestions for a first food. Sweet potato, in my opinion is one of the best foods to start your weaning journey with. 

Simple peel and boil a sweet potato until it is really soft, remove the water and add some of your baby's usual milk (breast or formula) to a bowl, mix with the potato as you crush/mash it. Sweet potato is so soft that you won't need to blend it. 

One your Lo has tried this a few times you can introduce other veg to it, carrots, peas, courgettes and spinach were all favourites for us. 



  • My little one is only 2 weeks on Monday so i have a while to go yet but weaning is one of the things im really looking forward to and will certanly be trying the sweet potato image x
  • Emily loved it as a baby, but it took Henry a while to like it. Emily hates it now! I can't see why, so yummy x
  • yes both mine loved it! great texture too!

  • My DS would love to have sweet potato. But i give him without mixing the milk to him. He like the taste of the that. 

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