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Thank goodness for packets!

I have to say sometimes I'm really grateful for still having packet food / purees around.  Yesterday i gave my son and daughter fruity chicken curry (an Annabel recipe) and my son (13 months) wouldn't eat it.  Thankfully I had one Heinz chicken casserole puree left and he ate all of that up, phew!  Don't like to offer alternatives to my older child in case she's just being fussy but he's obviously still young.  But I mixed in some of the dinner I'd made him to the puree too and he ate it all...  Disaster averted!


  • They are a life saver alright. Although as a last resort in this house I tend to go to scrambled egg with some veg and meat thrown in !! quick easy and tasty kinda like a scambled omlette image xx

  • That's a good one although my son has to be egg free at the moment, grr!  But generally will resort to Beans on toast but they had that for lunch!

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