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Toast Toppings

My son Bert is 9 months and really enjoys sandwiches and toast - I'm yet to try him with crumpets - but will definitely give them a go now I've read some of you are finding them a popular choice with your little ones… what I want to know, is what toppings do you give them? So far Bert has only had butter or cheese spread…when did you offer jam, peanut butter, marmite, chocolate spread, lemon curd, honey etc? I know some of these are not suitable for small babies - like honey, but what's the advice on peanut butter now? I lose track! I would be worried about an allergic reaction I think…! 




  • Hi, I'm still quite boring and generally just do marg! Jam is good, thinly but has quite a lot of sugar so probably not good regularly. I don't like marmite so can't face offering it but having smelt it on thEir breath they definitely have it at nursery!

    dairylea is another good one, both kids love eating the triangles but also soread on toast etc. 

    peanut butter and honey both for 1+ 

  • Ahh thanks - yeah I guess you can only get a bit more imaginative as they get older… i love marmite so ill give it a try at some point. I think I've read now that peanut butter is fine over 6 months as long as there is no peanut allergy in the family….I haven't tried him with it yet though. Bert also love Dairylea! It's definitely a kid thing! image

  • You need to wait till 1 year before giving honey but it's now recommended to delay introducing possible allergy foods so peanut butter is fine from 6 months (my hubby has an allergy but we were still advised to offer then).

    For toast/crumpets/bagels/muffins & croissants you can have jam, marmalade, peanut butter, cheese spread, marmite or whatever you're having! Keep an eye on salt & sugar content but everything is fine in moderation, have fun!

  • I make hummous, either whitebean or chickpea which Annabel loves. I also make mushroom pate, or fish pates (basically by mashing/liquidising salmon or mackerel into cream cheese, then spreading on. I add flavours too like a bit of spring onion or garlic. 

    Why not try grating some cheese and apple on the un-toasted side and then toasting/melting the cheese. 

    Tuna mayo and grated cheese is another toast topper we like! Again toast it so the cheese melts. You serve hot or cold once the cheese has melted. 

    I sometimes make my own breads too, so that you don't need a spread as the bread has flavour. Cheese and courgette bread is one of our favourites. 

    As you can tell, we love toast in our house!!! 

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