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Baby refusing to be fed.

Hi, I've been combination feeding for about 5 weeks now and it's been fine but all of a sudden she doesn't want me to spoon feed her anymore. She'll have finger foods and spoon feed herself (with help and mess) but even the wet stuff she fights me feeding her. I've never pushed her into eating or got cross so I don't know why she's doing it and more importantly how to win her around again. Help? xx


  • By combination feeding are you talking about traditional weaning with with spoon feeding & finger food?

    Sorry, I did BLW so don't have any experience of TW or spoon feeding but if she's old enough (around 6 months or older) & wants to have a go I would let her feed herself. It may take a lot of practice but the more practice she gets the better she'll get at.

    Good luck


  • Hi I haven't got my own children yet but I'm a nanny and I've had little ones do the same thing. Give her a spoon to hold and play with whilst your feeding her take turns or let her pretend to feed you whilst you feed her. I normally find if they feel they can do it to and they're not missing out on anything it usually helps image xx
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