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Weaning breastfeeding but won't take bottle or sippy cup


I need help! I need to wean my 10.5 month old from her afternoon nursing sessions (2 during the afternoon after each nap) because I am going back to work soon. The prolem is she has never taken a bottle and will not drink from a sippy cup- I have tried every bottle, nipple, sippy and spout you can find! She only takes sips from a cup with meals. How am I to supplement a nursing session when she will not drink by any other means? I am worried she will get dehydrated or be very hungry in between meals without her nursing session. Any advice?!?!


  • Hi Stacy, ....I see this was posted a while ago, how did u manage, im in the same boat, my baby is approaching a yr in two weeks and I need to get it finished soon, shes enormous now and it's making my arms sleep! What did u do in the end? 

    Thanks hun


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