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Food routine for my 8 month

My little girl is now 8 months. Shes still on two meals a day beakfast and then dinner with finger foods throughout the day.

wake up - 8oz milk, breakfast at around 830. 11 ish 8oz milk, 2.30 finger foods, yogurt And fruit. 5 dinner time  8pm 8oz bottle then bed 

But I'm wondering should I be giving her lunch now? I'm worried that if I give her thag she won't be getting as much milk throughout the day as she should be as she's slowing losing interest in milk time.. Any advice. Maybe change her food routine? xx 


  • Hiya

    They have to have 21oz at least of milk a day for the nutrients etc hun so little girl having enough.  I find weaning a roight palava, my LG has 7oz milk with porridge at 7am, snack 10ish, lunch at 11am which I am now going to move back 10 mins a day so eventually lunch will be at 12, 7oz milk at 3pm then 7oz milk 7pm bedtime. Once the 12pm lunch is established I'm going to implement tea at 5pm and maybe move bed back abit. X Maybe make foods that contain the milk? As long as she's having little bit of butter, yogurt this also goes towards the daily milk intake. Xxx 

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