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Weaning and constipation

Has anyone got any good ideas for foods that help to beat constipation? My eight month old has, in the past week, really started to take to solids, but now that she's eating more and breastfeeding less, she's really struggling to poo. She eats lots of fruit and is okay at drinking water; any other top tips to share? Thanks! Lucy


  • I have been lucky as harry has never suffered with this, my nephew who is 2.5, struggles though and the doctor told my sister its not how much fruit they eat its how much fluid they take on is ust as important, hopefully someone else will be able to share some words of wisdom with you. Maybe it is the quick change from breast milk to solids? may just take a bit of time to get used to it. Good luck.
  • That makes sense - we've gone down from eight BFs in 24hrs to four in under two weeks, and although she's happy to drink water, she's obviously not getting as much fluid as she would from a BF. I shall keep her cup handy and encourage her to drink as much as poss. Thank you!
  • Hi, my lg has problems with constipation, I've had soooo much advice its unbelievable!! Breast milk is a natural laxative. Apparerently very diluted orange juice helps very well, water, apple juice diluted can help although eating apple/banana too much can have the oppisite affect, fruit/ veg purrees, pears or apricot especially, lots of fluids, anything you can get in, wheat-a-bix helps, water with a little demerera sugar in. Just do what you can n keep an eye on her and she should adjust, if not go see your dr, mine tried the more natural approach 1st,  My lg was given supossertries, temp soulition, then lactulose but she's now on movicol and senna until she sees a dr at the hospital. I hope all goes well for you both  

  • Thanks Shell, that's all really helpful. I'm avoiding too much banana as that definitely bungs her up, and she's getting better at taking water from a cup now, so with any luck things will naturally right themselves. All the best with your LO. I hope you get an appointment soon.
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