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My weaning routine: does it sound ok?



  • Hi ladies :) My little girl is 5 and a half months and I've just started weaning these past few days. She's my 2nd baby, and I've completely forgot how to wean 🙈 I've been making up her usual 7oz bottle in the morning, but using about 1oz of it to make her baby porridge. She's really struggling getting used to the spoon though, she just tends to stick her tongue out and push the food around. I have to put the spoon in her mouth and sort of run it across her top lip to get the food in. Hope she gets the hang of it soon. She has that in a morning and then I've tried her with a few spoons of mashed up potato and veg in the evening. It's early days yet, so hopefully she'll get the hang of it x

  • Hi Shillington my lo was the same initially so I stopped and waited a few weeks before trying again. Then he was fine and there was no stopping him 😊

  • Hi Shellington! HOw are you 😬? i started weaning at 18 weeks as Alice drastically reduced her milk so HV advised to start. Started with baby rice and moved to porridge and then single taste home made purees. Now we have moved to meats! i offer 3 meals a day but she's not keen on breakfast after her bottle. I struggled with routine but ours is roughly:

    7am bottle

    8am porridge wth fruit puree

    11/11.30 lunch followed by bottle

    3pm bottle 

    5/5.30 dinner 

    6.30 bedtime bottle 

    7.30 bed 

    i followed HV advise to offer solids first as her milk was going down. 

    The spoon takes a while to master - I find giving  Alice a spoon to hold helps, Then when she puts it to her mouth I feed her !! Not easy though!

    ive not bothered with finger foods yet - alice has no teeth !!

  • Hi Coxy, we are great thanks. Hope you and your lot are all good :) Heidi is getting used to the spoon finally :) I'm really surprised I've been able to hold off all this time without weaning, especially with her being a big babba and getting 2 teeth at 3 months 😂 Our routine at the minute is roughly 7am bottle, 8.45ish porridge (after the school run), 11-12ish bottle, 4pm mashed veg (trying single flavours at the moment so we are on carrots this week) and small bottle, 7.30pm bedtime bottle and bed for 8pm. Need to try and get her on 3 meals asap, so the routine will be changed again very soon. My HV said to just mash her foods rather than puréeing them, and as long as she's having 500ml of her usual milk, that's fine. She said to introduce finger foods too but I'm scared! 😱 Xx

  • yeah HV said time finger foods but like you I'm too scared of choking ! also seems a waste when she won't eat them....

    alice is definitely down to 500ml (16oz) of milk most days. It worries me cos she doesn't actually eat much. Only 3 ice cubes of veg at lunch and dinner if I'm lucky. my Gina ford book talks about them having 6/8 cubes per meal! thats HUGE!!! 

  • Hi my little boy is now 9 months old & this is what he has does this sound enough ..

    7-7.30am wake & 4oz milk & 3oz made with porridge 

    10.45 - cow & gate fruit pot mixed with baby rice & a yoghurt for afters

    2-2.30pm - 5-8oz milk

    4.30 - 3/4 cow & gate 7m+ jar or equivalent in homemade food 

    6.30 - bath

    7pm - 6-9oz milk for bed..

    currently teething as well so calpol usually before bed & if he wakes in the night will give him some more & sometimes wants a snuggle in bed with me from around 5 until we get up at 7 ish? 

    Advice is really appreciated thankyou :) xxxx

  • I was hoping you could offer me some advice or point me in the right direction. 

    My son will be 13 months next week and has only started eating 'proper food' well only a few spponfuls of lasage and cottage pie so far.  He is still on pureed food, he's going to a dietitian. 

    I was just wondering if you could recommend a book for baby weaning or recipes and if you could let me know of some recipes or foods that would be good to start him with.  He's still on bottles so not really sure how much formula he should be on a day. 

    Also i'm a bit confused as to how much I should give him and what constitutes as snakes.

  • Hi Hun, I'm a new to this mum stuff & to be honest I've just gone with the advice go with your baby, I've always cooked home meals in the slow cooker & hes always ate them, he dropped him own bottles or I just replaced them with a snack, my LO is now 11 mboth old & our rountine changed every month, what is your usual day to day rountie? xxx

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