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My weaning routine: does it sound ok?

This is my routine as I have just started to wean the other day .. what does everyone think? Little one wakes around 7.30-8am & has 4-5oz bottle & follows by around 4 spoons of baby porridge, 11am around 5oz milk, 2-2.30pm around 5oz bottle. 5-5.30 around 5oz again & about 5 spoons or purée/rusk etc.. then has about 6-7oz milk at 8.30 for bed & sleeps the night through? 

What does everyone think? Baby 26 week today, was 5 weeks early due to me having pre eclampsia, was 3lb 15oz at birth & now weighs 15lb 1oz :) started weaning sunday? Feedback appreictaed :) 



  • Hello, just had a read through and a think back to how I started my little one (he's almost one now).

    What you are doing seems ideal to me. It's all about trying them with different tastes and textures while keeping their milk going in the first few months of weaning.  I tried babyrice initially but then moved on to mashed up sweet potato.  Then added a new veg or fruit every few days or so.  I wrote down what I'd given incase of any reaction (allergy or tummy wise).

    I remember changing things regularly with him as he started taking more foods /less milk but was guided by him.

    Good luck and have fun with it xxx

  • Oh and I also gave a finger food variety of what I was giving mashed up. Ie if carrot and broccoli I gave a few slices of cooked carrot and Spears of broccoli xx

  • Hi :-)

    Sounds like you are doing well!

    I always find weaning really difficult.  I have a 4 year old and a 10 month old; when I was weaning my youngest I kept asking questions, to be told come on you have done it before!  But every child is different, and every experience different! 

    With my youngest, I did very much the same as Sunny.  Introduced a few bits and bobs at a time, so they tried lots of flavours.  Initially we would give him milk when he woke, breakfast just after, then milk mid morning, bit of lunch, milk mid afternoon, bit of tea and then milk for bed (sounds a lot I know!) Once he got used to food, the health visitor suggested giving him food and milk at the same time - so give him half of his milk, give him his food straight away and then offer him the other half of the milk.  Slowly, the milk intake around meals would get lower.  Now he has a bottle of milk as soon as he wakes and before he goes to bed, everything else is food.

    Just go with what your baby wants, and you know them better than anyone, and understand them better than anyone :-) xx

  • Thankyou for your feedback, it's nice to know I'm doing it well as this is my first born & I just felt like I knew nothing lol :) how do you know if they have allergys etc? xxx

  • Mine have never had allergies or intolerances luckily, but after they have eaten something they are allergic or intollerant to they might get an upset tummy, give them diarrhoea, could make them quite sick, and then obviously there are rashes and things.  I think Sunny will be able to tell you more about it than I can :-)

    You will be surprised how much you do know flower :-) xx

  • Mainly reactions in the nappy department!😷  we avoid parsnips as twice they've gone straight through him. Also I gave him a tomato flavour crisp and it gave him little spots around his mouth and chin. I expected the same with just tomato but was fine! Xx

  • Aw thankyou for the advice, have either of you got any advice on the sleeping, as I said he's 26 week(6 month) today .. i put him to sleep on his back but he must roll onto his tummy or side on a night cos I wake up & sometimes he's on either tummy or side, do I leave him or do I turn him back onto his back, I get really nervous about this sort of thing, t again for all your fab feedback :) xxx

  • Oo deffo leave him where he rolls as he's probably more comfy.  If you turn him back he may wake but he's likely to roll back onto his side or tummy again! If you check there's nothing in his cot he can get his face buried into and keep the temperature comfortable then he'll be fine. Elliott sleeps on his tummy most of the night xx 

  • Brill thankyou, he's got a blocked nose at the min, but only at night so using some snuffle babe nose drops & going to get a humidifier today, is that best wiuld you say? xxx

  • Hiya,
    As Sunny says, definitely leave him :-)  My youngest sleeps on his side a lot, but especially when he has a cold.  So it may be that your little one doesn't feel as stuffy when lying on his side.  If he can get himself into those positions, he can more than likely get out of them!

    We tend to put a few drops of childrens olbas oil on a muslin cloth and drape it over the radiator or somewhere close to his cot, just so that it gets in the air and clears his airways a bit.  Have you tried rubbing a bit of vicks on his chest also? That works for a lot of people xxx

  • I tilted cot up a bit recently when E had a cold,  just put some books under at the head end. It helps with the drainage of mucous 😃 kept it like it as he has a cough now xxx 

    Snuffle babe helps but the other morning (early)  I almost used it as nappy cream!!! 😲 haha that would've been warming x 

  • Aw brilliant thankyou both so much! You've really helped me :) its great to have this much help, im only 23 & feel like I know nothing lol! Thankyou! 😊 Xxx

  •  I was 23 when I had my first so know how you feel but I bet you know more than you realise!  I'm 43 now (eek) and age doesn't make it any easier. Just trust your mummy instincts xx what's your boy called? ☺ 

  • So scary! Feel like I haven't got any some times i just panic lol! He's called Leo :) xxx

  • Bless you, I am sure you know more about your little boy than anyone else in the world! :-)  Mummy instincts are always right!  Jacob loves his daddy, and his daddy knows him very very well, but even my husband says there is nothing like a Mummy!  You are doing fine xx

  • What a lovely name :-) xx

  • Thankyou :) it's nice to have this forum to ask questions about what I'm struggling with :) xxx

  • I joined this forum when I got pregnant with my second (when I had my first, a couple of my friends were pregnant too, but the second time I had no-one)  And it was so lovely to talk to other ladies :-)  Sunny is one of the ladies from our 'Dec 15' babies, so our little ones are coming up to their first birthday now!  So its a lovely place to chat to people and get reassurance :-) xx

  • It's sometimes it feels like it's only happening to you lol but it's nice to get the reassurance it isn't :) xxx

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