Weaning - don't know where to start?

hi all 

im  first time mum and I need help with baby weaning, my baby is 7months and 1 week old and I'm noy sure what I can give and can't give i am Breastfedding always and try to give him baby porridge for breakfast he has 6 teeth and I was winding the food recipes say milk is this full fat cows milk 


  • Not cows milk no... no cows milk until a year old. Any recipes that say milk you can use expressed breast milk (that's what I used to do) or something like an almond milk or even formula if you wanted.

    check out the MFM weaning app... there is advice on there about what foods to introduce when and lots of recipe ideas too!

  • Actually nhs guidelines state that cows milk CAN be used for cooking after 6 months but not as main drink until after year old. You can use breast milk, formula or full fat cows milk if your mixing it with food after 6 months, it's your choice. just continue to give breast milk or formula to drink until 1 year old.

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