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Weaning - how much milk to give? Too much?

hi all

any advice is most welcome, as i am soo confused 😫😫

started weaning my LO a few weeks ago and I have already got rid of his morning feed at 830am as he has a full rusk mixed with formula and some baby rice.

he then has formula 7-8oz at his 12pm feed

i am now introducing purees at his 4pm feed. 

i an confused whether i should give his solids at 4pm then give formula milk straight after or if i should give the solids at 230pm and then milk at 4pm?

Also Scared of feeding baby too much... he has 2oz of solids at 4pm and 5oz of milk. Do u think this is too much? And should i get rid of this feed too??

what are other mummies doing? Xx

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