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My 7 month old will only eat soft puréed food

my little girl will only eat soft puréed food. Whenever i give her lumps she just won’t eat. I feel like she should be eating more textured food and finger food. What type of finger foods can I give to her? 


  • Just give her time every child adjusts to foods differently x

  • Elliefx try Things like bananas, peeled cucumber slices, chopped strawberries, cooked carrot Anything soft! Don’t offer her anything else (you’re only digging yourself a deeper hole) If she’s hungry she’ll eat, offer her a lot of encouragement, you eat the same and make yummy noises, give her loads of praise when she does eat! Good luck xx

  • Thank you! I’ve been trying for a few weeks with the 7+ months pouches. She will hold her mouth shut and refuse any of it! So sticking to the soft purees she eats fine. She has stuff like carrot puffs and the Heinz finger biscuits etc. I just feel like she should be eating more finger food ans lumpier food. I just worry she’s gonna be 1 and still eating puréed food! Haha x

  • Dont worry honestly try And introduce them gradually so start with thicker purée then add lumps that way just do it a little bit at a time my son was the same and he’s now 13 months and will eat anything you put in front of him 😊

  • Hi I agree don’t worry my 7 month old is still only taking pureed meals anything lumpy he would refuse after taking initial bite. He has a strong gag reflex puts him off. His older brother was different but I am not worry because i know he will get there at his own pace

    keep offering and encouraging as suggested

  • I can agree my little boy was the same .. I gave him the melty puff crisps, hinze biscuits and just a few different things like toast and he got there again very strong gag reflex then one day he just did it ... I found he was better with things he liked better like spag Bol ..: also have him weetabix for breakfast because he really enjoyed the taste and it can be all different textures 

  • Thankyou! I just worry I’m doing it all wrong! She has three meals a day. Porridge for breakfast, lunch she will have a pouch of something like sweet potato and pepper or parsnips then dinner usually a fruity one(which she loves) then during day maybe some pea puffs or Heinz biscuits butwant her to have more finger food 

  • Have u tried toast ? Take the crust off ? My little man loves toast even from 7 months 

  • Yes I tried her with toast today and she seemed to enjoy it .. I’ll just slowly introduce new things. Thank you xx

  • Try mashed banana xx

  • And please don’t worry about getting it wrong non of us know what the hell we’re doing and just wing it 😂😂

  • she hates mashed bananas 😩 aha! yeah deffo winging it! X

  • My son hates mashed banana too and wouldnt Even consider spaghetti hoops but loves them all now 

  • apparently a baby can try something 28 times before deciding if they like it or not xxx

  • Ahh I could try spaghetti hoops? Or is she too young ? X 

  • Oh really?! that’s good to know x

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