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Advice on weaning routine

just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on weaning my little girl. She’s almost 5 months old and was adviced to wean early due to her not being particularly phased about bottles. Gradually over about 4 weeks we’ve got to 3 meals a day. Not much only a couple of spoons at a time. I was always told to offer milk first but she prefers to only have a bottle when it’s nap time so our routine is...

up 7.30

8 6oz bottle which she only has 2-3 oz of porridge/fruit puree

9 finishes bottle then nap

does the same 12-1 pm which I give her puree veg

around 3.30-4 has 5-6oz bottle

5.30-6 puree veg 

7/7.30 6-7oz bottle bed

Shes still waking anytime between 1-5 for feed in which she takes 4-6oz.

basically I’m just asking if this is right or normal as i have had no support from HV or any professionals as to what to do and I feel like I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing🙈 should I move her tea time to her 4pm bottle or? Any advice welcome! First time mummy to my little princess💖💖


  • Hi sarahEsmie 

    I'm in the same boat, my Lil girl is weaning too and is all so 5months.

    Were down too 4 bottles throughout the day and 3meals aswell.

    My routine is as follows 

    5.30am wakes up

    6am 8oz bottle which she takes 4-5oz

    7am two full rusks mashed up with added fruit puree

    Asleep by 7.30am most days its just an hour but today she's slept for 2hrs

    11.30m another 8oz bottle which she takes 4-5oz

    12. 30pm half a jar of baby food and half a jar of fruit puree (or homemade baby food like scrambled eggs and a yoghurt)

    A nap at 1.30pm for 40mins

    2pm some cooled boiled water normally 0.5oz

    Maybe another nap of 40mins

    4.30pm 8 oz bottle of which she'll take 6oz

    5pm two full rusks mashed into puree with a bit of jam added to it

    Then she'll sleep again from 6pm

    Her last bottle is at 8-8.30pm and she'll take maybe 3oz

    Then she'll sleep through till 5.30am if she does wake up throughout the night I change her bum and give her some cooled boiled water and she'll go straight back over.

    This is what my baby wants so as long as she's happy I know I'm doing what she needs. 

    Hope that helps hunni xxx

  • Hi, I also started weaning early. I've never gave him his bottle first, he has reflux and a milk intolance and wouldn't take his special milk prescribed by the doctor so I've always gave food first.

    He gets up at 7.30 and has a 8oz bottle.

    10am he will have porridge with a few sips of water.

    12 noon 8oz bottle, sometimes will only take 5oz.

    1pm he will have dinner with few sips of water.

    5pm 8oz bottle.

    6pm tea time, again with water.

    8pm 8oz bottle then bed.

    He is 6mths now but b4 he was having bottle every 3hrs along with breakfast dinner and tea aswell. He's a big boy, weighed 8lbs 14oz when he was born, he generally had more milk then the average size baby but trying to cut down as been advised to and so far my routine has been working well. He will sometimes have a snack inbetween dinner and tea to help him go longer without his milk. He sleeps about 2 and hf hours altogether for his daytime naps. 

  • Hi thanks for your replys! I feel like my lo has become more hungry since I’ve been weaning her but wont take more than 6oz at a time, she just wants to be fed more often! She also has prescribed milk of the doctor Aptamil pepti 1 due to suspected cows milk intolerance but waiting to do a milk challenge under a dietitian. I’m not concerned about her weight she’s a chubby little thing😂 has to be weighed once a month just to keep an eye on it but she’s pilong it on. Il just keep doing what I’m doing and go with her flow as long as she’s happy😊

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