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Weaning baby with Milk protine intolerance

does any body have any snack or food ideas for weaning a baby with milk protine intolerance...he’s 6 months old and my first baby, don’t really know what to give him xx


  • Hello :) my son is now 10 months and has milk protein allergy. I’ve found it’s a bit of trial and error, to begin with we just did individual vegetable purées (this is how we discovered a slight intolerance to sweet potato and peas which he now seems to have overcome). If you are baby led weaning then try some veggies first then work your way up to meals with made with dairy free ingredients and you should be ok :) x

  • You could try eggs like omelette and boiled my little boy likes that also fruit pots and jam sandwiches ! My little boy is lactose intolerant so it’s not as restrictive but have a look at breadsticks and some dry cereals too 

    a lot of buiscuts don’t contain milk either which I thought was strange but they are in fact vegan 

  • Thank you x

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