help... more food at 20 weeks?!

Hi guys, my little one is 20 weeks and the last 3 weeks I’ve been giving him 3 teaspoons of fruit purée which he loves! 

This last week I’ve had to up his milk to 6oz as he’s getting more hungry! His last feed is 10:30-11:30, he don’t wake for a feed (just abit of water) then next feed at 4:30-5:30!

Is it best to start him on cereal in the morning or baby rice in evening or more meals! What does everyone else do with there 20 week old!

 Thank you 


  • I would try him on baby porridge it’s more nutritious than baby rice and is more filling the HV told me the fruit purees and the veg purées are mainly water so won’t fill them up for long xx

  • Okie dokie, thanks Hun! :) 

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