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First time weaner 😂

Im just trying to get my head around weaning and an example of the planner on this site but im struggling with timing

Example plan

My baby currently milk feeds at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm and had abit of a bottle at bed time at 8pm. She sometimes wakes up arohnd 4/5am for a feed.

Im trying to fit this around the schedule.

Is an 11am feed too early for lunch, i cant help but think 2am is too late aswell.

And how long should i be leaving ot between the morning milk feed and her breakfast of mashed fruit and similarly for the mid afternoon milk and her food tea.

Do people recommend milk and food separately or do people give half milk and then top up with food 

Everything i read suggests skmethibg different


  • Hi..

    Everyone does it differently but when i worked in a nursery i used to wean alot of children. Some children we used to half their morning bottle by mixing half in with their breakfast then finishing it off after they have eaten and some of them didnt even have a bottle around breakfast time. They would have one when they woke up and then have breakfast an hour or so later at nursery. 

    Also provide alot of finger food to encourage self feeding.

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