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11 month old routine

Hi guys,

My DS will be 11 months in about a week or so and I'm worried that he's still having too much milk/not from the right cup etc etc (first time mum problems!!) A few comments from people have made me a little paranoid!

His routine is currently (all rough timings):

6-7am Wake up + 5-6oz formula in bottle

8am Breakfast 

9-9:30am Nap for 30-45 mins (he's been reducing this naturally over the last week or so)

10-10:30am 4-5oz formula in bottle

12pm Lunch

1pm Nap for 1-1.5hrs (if I'm lucky!)

2-3pm 4-5oz formula in bottle

5pm Dinner

6:30pm Bath

7pm 9oz formula in bottle & Bed

I've been reducing his 2 day time bottles and plan on trying to cut them out completely next week as have been introducing snacks too. In an ideal world I want him to just have the bottle in the morning and before bed. He drinks water from the Nuby Miracle 360 cup but I still keep his milk in bottles. 

What were/are your routines at this age? 

Thanks :)


  • Hello! My little boy is 13 months now but we've had the same routine since probably about 10 months so hope this will help? Though every baby is different so if you and your little one are happy and he's gaining weight I'd say ignore what other people say and do what is best for you! Theres no right way to do it :)

    (These times are rough! They change daily depending on how long he sleeps etc)

    6/7am - 7oz bottle (cows milk now not formula)

    7.30 - breakfast

    9 - nap

    10.30/11 - snack, usually fruit or yoghurt

    12.30 - lunch 

    1.30 - nap

    3.30 - snack

    5 - tea

    7- bottle 7oz

    He has water with all of his snacks/meals too. 

    We dropped daytime bottles and swapped to snacks at around 9/10 months but only because he started refusing them, id have carried on if he wanted them :)

  • Thats great, thank you. Im going to swap his bottles for snacks as of Monday and see how he goes on just the 2 bottles a day. 

    Your routine isn’t far off ours actually. It’s weird how most babies fall into a similar routine. 

    I know there’s no right way of doing it, but everyone seems to have an opinion of everything lately, so makes decision making even harder!!

  • I know what you mean! As soon as you get pregnant everyone has an opinion on everything and thinks they need to share it. I really struggled with it at first but now just let people saybwhwt they want, and then carry on doing it our way haha xx

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