Baby not interested in food

I'm at my wit's end. Been trying to introduce solids from 5.5m but my now 8 month old baby never was interested. She never hardly opened her mouth to eat off the spoon. I've been trying so many different food but she simple doesn't want to try. Feeling frustrated to say the least. Anyone in the same boat or been through the same circumstances? What did you do? Is this normal???


  • I could have written your post about my second daughter. She honestly didn't want or 'get' food until she was 9 months old, and all of a sudden, she just changed - we were on holiday, so i just gave her a load of different little bits of buffet food, perhaps quite a bit of stuff i wouldn't have offered at home, and that was the turning point.

    Have you tried baby led weaning? Basically, just give her finger food to pick up, play with, chew on (pieces of toast, some boiled carrot sticks, some soft chicken, pasta, peas etc). Also, give her a spoon and a bowl of porridge or yogurt, and let her get messy. 

    So you're deffo not on your own with this one. And if it helps, my daughter is now 5 and doesn't STOP eating. 

  • You have to be patient. Place some food on the plate and let it be the food of various textures. Try with healthy snacks or any food she likes, put it in her hand to play and show her how to put it in her mouth. Eventually, she will do it on her own :)
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