Help with textured food

Hi there, my 8 1/2 month old little girl has been eating puréed fruit from 4 months.
My current feeding regime is as follows:
8oz bottle of milk in the morning (7-8am)
Mid morning fruit purée 
8oz bottle of milk at lunchtime (11am-12pm)
Puréed savoury and pudding (yoghurt, banana custard, baby rice pudding etc) this is at “tea time” (4pm ish)
Final bottle of milk at bed time (this can vary between 4-8oz)
My concern is that I have tried more textured food but she just gags and has at times resulted in her vomiting and I’m worried she will choke so I have stuck to puréed foods. I want to try and get her into more textures and away from the purées, I haven’t tried finger foods due to being worried about her gagging just from slightly less puréed fruits. She is also sometimes very sick either during or after her final bottle of milk at bedtime.
For the last 2 days I have given her just milk and a puréed fruit snack and she hasn’t vomited.
So should I just continue and persevere and sit her with finger foods?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! 
Thanks a lot.


  • She will get it, it can just take some babies a bit longer than others, so try not to worry too much. 
    I would suggest a few things. 
    Try getting some veggies in her so she doesn't just have a taste for sweet foods - some boiled carrot sticks, fingers of cucumber to chew on, some baby finger food crisps that dissolve when they are sucked. She will likely gag, but try not to panic, and just be with her when she's trying stuff out. 
    I would also offer things like fingers of toast (cut the crusts off), and actually get some meals into her, so if you're making spag bol, blend it up a bit - not smooth, but textured and try that (stains so much though so be warned!) 
    They don't need to be on 3 meals a day until they are about 1 year old, so don't fret about milk intake - it's still all about the milk, while you introduce new tastes. 

    My daughter didn't get weaning until she was at least 9 months old and it was slow going, but your daughter will get there. 
  • Thank you so much for your reply and advice. She is my third baby so I was quite cocky and over confident 😂 it’ll be a breeze!! Little did I know she would be so completely different to her older brother and sister! Although there is quite a big age gap so maybe I just forgot how tricky it can be! She’s got cauliflower and broccoli cheese for her dinner so will see how that goes down!
    Again, thank you so much 😊 
  • OMG i'm crying she's your third 😂
    You know how it is, they like to keep us on our toes! This one's just messing with you! 
    It'll happen, just taking her longer than her siblings, but it's amazing how much of it all you do forget! Now i've got a bit of a hankering for some cauli cheese too! Give it a good old mushing and let me know how it goes.
  • Well, we had a nightmare with the cauliflower cheese (the cooking not the consumption) whoops 😬😂 so we had to go for a ready made pouch of chickpea, broccoli, carrots and butternut squash. The texture of this pouch was a bit more textured than what she has had before and she ate the whole thing followed by a yoghurt. Just have to wait and see if she keeps it all down when she has her bedtime bottle 😬 I’m going to try the cucumber tomorrow and I also have loads of packets of the baby puffs, actually I think I’ve bought every baby snack the supermarket sells! So will see how we go, it’s just been very nice to have a conversation about this to know that I’m not the only mum dealing with this stuff so thanks a lot. Also I’m going to be cooking cottage pie tomorrow and give her some just in case you fancy eating that too! 😂
  • that's brilliant - they do surprise you sometimes. What time is her bedtime bottle? You could really do without her vomming all of that up - sounds like a proper good meal! 
    Bear in mind, the cucumber is good more for sucking and chewing on, rather than chomping and eating. 
    You most def aren't the only mum wondering about all of this - i did things so different with my kids - the first one was all organic, pureed to perfection, all fresh, homemade food. Second kid, whatever i could get her to eat, I would! 
    We're having a roast chick tomorrow - already planned! 😉
  • They certainly are funny little things! She has her bath at 7, bottle at 7:30 and then straight to bed, this can vary a little but that’s pretty much where we are at at the moment. 
    I suppose it’s also just a case of working with them and being patient, they are in charge at the end of the day! Not forever though as my teenage daughter would tell you! 
    It’s mainly the vomiting I was worrying about, this week I have started a food diary just in case it continues and I need to seek medical advise, I can go in prepared.
    Hmm, I could sure chow down on some roast chicken right now but bath time is calling, later tonight due to my middle child (not a nice term!) having an archery tournament, looking forward to bed time 😴😴
  • She only had a few ounces in the end but didn’t vomit, can’t have it all I suppose. I’m happy with today 😊
  • Hey @Melanie1982 how have things been going since then? My sons now just over 8 months and I’m petrified of choking! My daughter whose now 4 choked when she was 7 months (not gagged she full blown choked she could not breathe at all) on a piece of melon she had been taking little bites of my melon and kept moaning for what I assumed was more so I kept giving her some but little did I know she wasn’t swallowing it so when she went to swallow it was a massive chunk that got stuck fortunately my dad was there and managed to get it up, it was the most horrifying experience of my life and I thank my lucky stars that I wasn’t alone that day as the circumstances could of been a lot different, so anyway as you can see that’s why I’m petrified with harry! He does have porridge for breakfast that has crispy bits in or toast it I’m not alone, then for lunch he’ll have mashed banana or kiwi, a yoghurt, some Ella’s kitchen crisps and some biscottis and for dinner he’ll always have an Ella’s kitchen 7m+ pouch (which I’m ashamed of as I did promise to make everything myself but I’m worried I’ll leave to big chunks in there) I don’t want to wish his life away but I also can’t wait until he can just eat everything and I don’t have to worry about it anymore 😭 I hate weaning 😭 it’s such a relief to hear about someone else whose worried everyone else just seems to give there babies everything and I do try but then I’m like okay that’s enough I actually sit there shaking ☹️
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