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Weaning on the go

I am a first time mum. My baby is 6 months old and we have recently started weaning him. On friday we are going on holiday to a caravan park. I bought some baby food from the supermarket for when we are out and about and he will not eat it! I have always made food from fresh. Any advice on meals i can make him to take out with us? What will I need ? His favourite is sweet potato can i cook it mash it and take with with me? Will it be ok? Anxiety is through the roof as it is worrying what to take with me. Any help would be appreciated


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    Remember, weaning is just about first tastes and getting them used to food, textures and tastes, so don't panic about him not having three meals a day. 
    You could deffo take some pre sooked sweet potato mash. Or take an avocado and mash it while out, you can mix that with banana too. 
    Honestly, as long as he's getting milk, please try not to stress - a day or so not having regular meals will be fine. 
  • You can try banana cucumber carrot sticks . Weetabix even toast x
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