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Confusing 😩😩Need some weaning and milk advice

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Hello all! My baby is 6 months old on the 21st of July and I wanted to get some advice with weaning, my baby currently has 8oz cow and gate hungrier baby milk every 3/4 hours. Obviously I need to start her on solids soon. Do I still give her a normal 8oz bottle and then solids aswell so inbetween feeds, breakfast, dinner and tea? I’m just a little confused I don’t want to ovwrfeedher or under feed her, she has quite a big appetite and loves milk and food it’s just really Confusing! Also do I start using the follow on milk for cow and gate on the 21st as normal? I know people who still use the milk from born!? Sorry last question - Ella’s kitchen is this healthy pre made food? I’ve been told cow and gate has a lot of sugar in and I shouldn’t really give these to my so confused 😂😂😂

Thanks xx


  • The formula you use from birth is still fine to use, follow on milks are just a way of marketing for these companies, there is not much difference in the nutritional content between the two. Also, if you are planning on baby-led weaning your baby can go at their own pace and explore food with finger foods - every baby is different and wean at different paces
  • @EJPsMummy❤️ Hey! Your baby will continue to have normal amount of formula for the time being and only one meal a day to start, breakfast is normally quite easy to start with, Ella’s kitchen pouches are very good & babease is also very good too! At first it is all about having fun and letting her explore new tastes and textures, she will still need all her nutrients from her milk :) Once you’re both used to her having one meal a day you can then go to two and i think by the time she is 1 it will be 3 meals a day, a mid morning & a mid afternoon snack :) it all just depends on what works for you both :) my son is 1 on Friday and now only 1 - 2 bottles 8oz bottles a day :) I hope this helps a little! 
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