8 months old baby refuse to Eat

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Hi All, 

I am frustrated from my current situation , i tried everything in different shapes my baby boy is 8 month old now and he is refusing the healthy food such as veggies or unsalted food like chicken, rice or meat in general. he loves yogurt , few type of fruits and that is it. he is allergic to banana, apple and peanut butter. 

I no longer know what to feed him ? please share your experience with me. 


  • Hi Sara, 

    Im not an expert at all so please give the heath visitor a shout if you are worried, but how about adapting things he does like? For example making a pasta sauce with yogurt and a bit of cheese? Does he like eggs at all? Just keep offering different foods as babies change so much at that age, you may find that one day he starts being more adventurous!
  • I agree with Lorew - keep trying different foods (even the rejected ones!) I still find that one day my son hates something, the next he loves it. Also great idea about adding yoghurt to some of the things he’s dismissed - you could mix some pureed veggies with yoghurt and see what he thinks of that. I used Annabel Kharmel’s Baby to Toddler cookbook which had some great suggestions! Good luck!
  • My daughter was a nightmare. I eventually signed up to ellas kitchen and they sent me out a weaning road mat and having a guide to follow really helped. She went through phases of omly eating yogurt and HIPP tomotato pasta jars after she had one on an emergency outing...She would eat the cold. She's 2.5 now and eats anything. Don't stress.
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