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Fear of baby choking

Hi my son is now 8 mths old and I am really struggling with introducing finger foods. This my second time weaning and I had the same issue with my first son so thought I would know what I’m doing this time however this time it feels much worse. 
I have done a children and baby first aid course so know what to do if he chokes but that hasn’t helped.
Has anyone else been through this and got any tips? 
Thanks in advance 😊


  • Hi there,

    so sorry for the late reply! I don’t come to the message boards too often anymore (my 11 month old keeps me busy!) but I just wanted to say I was exactly the same and I still get nervous now my daughter is almost 1!

    i Cooked everything until really mushy- carrots, potato, asparagus etc. I also gave baby crisps and biscuits that are designed to melt in the mouth until I got s but more confident. For meat, I would use mince to make meatballs as again, it breaks down a bit easier for gummy mouths!
  • I found this link so helpful in explaining the differences between choking and gagging:
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