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Lunch and dinner ideas for 8 month old baby

Any ideas for lunch & dinners for 8 month old baby? 


  • Have you got the Made For Mum's weaning app? I found this very handy for weaning, it's free too. Lots of different recipes by month. At that age I did batch cook and freeze portions to get out on the day. Or if there was something suitable I was making, like a roast dinner I would make extra and freeze. I would give similar meals for lunch and dinner. I have lot of meat/fish and veg type meals. But also for lunch toast, sandwiches, eggy bread, scrambled eggs, pasta with cream cheese,Egg muffin, and like a snack plate of chopped up fruit, veg stocks, Bread sticks, houmous. Just things I would eat for lunch and dinner have to them and my opinion is babies don't realise they are eating the same meal a couple of days in a row and sure they won't complain.
  • An eight-month-old baby can be offered corn, rice and buckwheat porridge in the absence of contraindications.
    If you have already entered all these dishes in the diet, expand the range of oatmeal or barley groats. To diversify the recipes of cereals, a baby at this age can be added to the dish with fruit puree (apple, pear, pumpkin, prune and even carrot). Vegetable soups with meat. At the same time, meat should be boiled separately from the first dish and added to it already ready. It is advisable to cook vegetable soup for an eight-month-old baby before use and thoroughly beat with a blender. You can add cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, onions, broccoli and a little oil to it before serving. In this case, the salt in the soup should be a minimum amount. Cottage cheese.
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