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So I’ve exclusively breastfed from birth for my little girl, she’s 4 months in 2 weeks and she’s so hungry. I know she goes through growth spurts and needs more milk more often but this is different. This last week she just started screaming, sometimes it’s chatty squealing but now it’s full blown screaming, not even crying. She gets so wound up and there’s nothing we can do to calm her down except put her in her pram and go for a walk which isn’t ideal in lockdown at 2am! We’ve tried everything - changing her, playing, bathing, feeding, giving her a dummy, she just keeps screaming and won’t even go on the boob! Even when I do calm her she just won’t eat still! So tonight she was screaming, I tried to feed her but it seemed to make her worse, I gave her some calpol in case she has a pain I can’t see or know and she loved it! She was grabbing my hands and forcing the paracetamol into her mouth even more, she always watches us eat and I honestly think she’s just ready for something other than milk. I do not want to give her formula obviously as I’ve always breastfed but can anyone give me advice on anything similar?? I’m not sure if I want to wean her yet even just a tiny bit of food but it really seems like that’s what she wants?? My mum started feeding me at 3 months and I’m completely fine! But I know that might not be the case for her just if anyone has a similar experience or advice it would be greatly appreciated I’m so stuck! I want to give her food but don’t want to hurt her little tummy but also don’t want her to be hungry!!!


  • Lots of people start weaning at 4 months old for lots of different reasons. If you're worried about it harming her tummy then you could always start with really bland foods like baby rice and baby porridge. 

    We started weaning at 6 months but my baby was 7 weeks premature so he was 4 1/2 months corrected.

    We started on:
    Boiled mashed carrots
    Boiled mashed parsnips
    Boiled mashed sweet potato
    Ready brek
    Mashed banana
    Stewed mashed apple

    Over the past few weeks, I've been adding various new foods and also trying to give him whole/finger foods.

    If you're really worried then I'd recommend speaking with your health visitor, but I'd trust your instincts if you think she's ready for weaning.
  • Thank you so much, we’re gonna try baby rice and have some fruit and veg to mash up for her with some breast milk and hopefully she’ll be okay thank you for replying. 
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