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Homemade frozen purées

I have always loved food and enjoying the weaning process so much that I’ve thought about starting a local business selling frozen homemade purees. I’ve considered the idea of people being able to buy individual purees and also create their own weekly menu (7 different pouches for the week?).
I thought that busy and possibly working parents may be interested in this service because they may not have enough time to be able to make their own homemade purees but would like their babies to benefit from homemade purees using local ingredients rather than shop bought products.
I would really be interested in finding out if this is something that any parents would be interested in? Any feedback would be useful 😊


  • I think that it’s a great idea and would appeal to a lot of working mums or mums that have more than one child so hard to give full attention to cooking for new baby. I think other mums would like the idea that it would be made by another mum too and so many people want to support small businesses at the moment from covid. 
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