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Am I right in saying that once lo is 6 months old, there is no need to give them cooled boiled water, you can give them water from the tap?

Anything for an easy life :lol:


  • Yes you can just give them tap water. So much easier ! I loved it when my lo switched as she drank more water then and fillinf 2 or 3 beakers from the tap was easier than boiling and cooling !! I think my lo actually prefers the taste of tap water to boiled water.
  • oh wow i didnt know this!! thank god!! image
  • Woo Hoo, didn't know this either! Anything to save timeimage
  • I gave to my baby a tap water but i meet same wonderfull product Vivatap ,filters for tap water purification,and its no need to boiled water,these  product removes instantly chlorine from the water it removes bacteria from the water  ,it adjust the PH value to a healthy level and adds healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium to the water. 

    You only had to do is to added a one sachet in a  bottle or jug of tap water 0.1-0.2 litters and after 5-10 min is ready to drink.

    you can look on

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