how much milk - 7 months

Hi all

just wanted a bit of advise on milk intake, and how much my son should be having, he is 7 months and 19lbs in weight.

in terms of milk feeds he is having:

8oz - 7am
1-2oz - 11am
4-5oz - 3pm
1-2oz - 6pm
8oz - 7.30pm (bed time)

so in all he is still having a fair bit of milk, but just not a great deal during the day, along with this solid food wise he is doing really well, he's having 3 meals a day plus mid afternoon snacks.

Is it ok for him to have the majority of his milk intake at 7am and 7.30pm? or does he need to have it spread out during the day? Just want a bit of re-assurance

Thanks Lou and Alex


  • From what I've read, I think the recommendation is that they have between 18 and 21oz so it seems your LOs is doing fab. I struggle to get 18oz into the girls on some days so you're doing well!
    The girls have 7oz at 7am and 6pm and take anything from 3-7oz at their 2pm feed

  • Trying4babym is right they should have around 20oz so hes doing fab. Infact id be tempted to drop the 11 and 6pm feeds as its such a small amount. If hes hungry just give them some fruit or snacky food or maybe just water as he may just be thirsty!

    Jack Does mainly the same as yours and hes 7 months

    8am 8oz plus breakfast
    12pm lunch
    2pm 4-8oz
    5pm dinner
    8pm 8oz.

    Thats on a good day most of the time he skips his afternoon bottle im thinking of dropping it as he seems to not want it anymore.There be getting more dairy from cheese and yoghurts by now so dont need so much milk.

    Sounds liek your doing fab!

  • I took my lo to see the hv last month and asked her what amount of food/milk she should be having as she was 7 months and was currently getting 6ozs at mid morning, mid afternoon and bedtime plus 3 solid meals a day and my HV said that at 7 months she shouldnt need much milk and to give one big bottle of milk at bedtime and then mix a couple of ozs with her breakkie in the morning and to drop the bottles during the day ! I did say that I thought the recommendation was 18ozs a day but she said its too much and would be like us eating 6 meals in a day ! I was able to drop the day time bottles immediatly and my lo has never asked for them and its been a month now. She now has 2-3ozs mixed with her porridge in the morning and she'll have 6-7ozs before bed. The hv said as long as she is having things like yoghurts its fine. So colour me confused but lo seems happy enough !
  • from 6.5/7months ds has been

    6oz 8.30
    12o/c lunch
    3.30- 6oz
    5.30 dinner
    8oz bed time

    ds is now 8.5months and still feeds like this and he weighs 17lb. hey shld be having 18-21oz per day from 6months til 1yr.

    tbh if lo is on 3 meals then u don't need the little 1-2oz feeds anymore, and if she gets peckish u cld offer a snack (banana, fruit etc) so u can drop 11am and 6pm feeds if u like, but keep the lunchtime oone. and with those feeds alone (morning, lunch and bed) ur getting 21-22oz so perfectly enough for him. hth xx
  • my little milk piggy is still having 4x 8oz bottles a day and three meals at 8 months old, she's blw so i'm not sure if that makes a differance, she's just below the 50th centile, so just shows how different all babies needs are, we are working on cutting out her dreamfeed, my hv says the minimun babies up to a year needs is 20oz so sounds like your doing the right things
  • I think that as long as LO is healthy and happy and gaining weight, then you must be doing something right - so don't worry! xxxx
  • I'd certainly consider dropping the smallest feeds. 20oz is recommended until a year but that includes dairy in the diet. Try dropping the 11am and the 6pm as they are barely worth it.
    At 8 months when DS was having 5oz, 5oz, 7oz, at 7am, 3pm and 7.30pm, she told me to save myself some work and do 2 bottles of 8oz per day. I dropped the 3pm bottle that day and all was fine. You will possibly need to be more encouraging in giving water and snacks but should be fine.
  • My little one will only take 3-4 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon!! (why do I bother!) and 6-7 at night.  My health visitor also told me that this was fine.  Still worry that she should be taking more tho! :-S xx

  • My little on started dropping milk feeds just before 8 months. Once 3 meals at day had been established with snacks during the day, I found that he had dropped his morning feed and his afternoon 3pm feed.

    I breastfeed and at 8 months he only has 2/3 feeds throughout the day. It doesn't bother me as I know he eats cheese and yogurt during the day.

  • Hi my lo is 7 months we have been on formula for 5 weeks and he has been fine with the transfer as we started to formula gradually with the night feed, it all has been fine acceot this week he has decided to drop his morning feed and is drinking 1-2oz mid so at the moment he is having 

    breakfast -7:30 (2-3oz cows milk)

    lunch 12

    Bottle 2-3 (1-2oz)

    tea 5-5:30 

    bottle 7:00 (5-7oz)

    he is having the 3meals and drinks plenty of water i just seeing others opinions 

    first time mum lol 

    thanks in advance 

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