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Introducing lumps

My little boy is almost 5 months old and has been eating solids for 4 weeks. I was just wondering when is the best time to introduce lumpier foods to his diet. I don't want to rush him, but at the same time i don't want him to develop a 'lump phobia'.
Also when should i start offering finger foods, and what are good things to start with?


  • HI Dawn
    My husband was really worried about introducing lumps and it wasn't until Ethan was nearly a year old before he had lumpy food, this is something he now regrets as it obviously took longer before he could eat the same food as us. I don't know what the official guideline age is but you know your son so when you think he's ready is probably the best guide. Have you got the Annabel Karmel complete baby and toddler meal planner it's a very useful book. In there she suggests introducing lumps by mashing and finely chopping food instead of pureeing to encourage chewing. The book recommends giving finger foods from 9 months but i think thats pretty late sticks of fruit veg (carrots) toast cheese and rusks are good. I saw on someone elses post that you can buy a mesh bag to pop food in for younger children to prevent choking, Perhaps someone else knows where it's from. Hope this helps sorry about the essay! x
  • Hi ,
    My daughter was very late starting solids,she was 8 months. I followed all the Annabel Karmel recipes but months behind .I started adding couscous,rice and pasta stars to her purees then gradually started using the pasta shells then mashing her food when she was 11 months which she coped with dispite not having any teeth. she is now nearly 16 months and still only has 2 teeth at the bottom but she manages small lumps well and can eat finger foods. I think she must have very tough gums.
  • Thanks girls, i'm seeing my hv visitor this week so i'll see what she suggests.
    I did think he was still a bit young, and he hasn't got any teeth yet(even though he seems to have been teething forever !!!!)
    I think i might get one of the mesh feeders because i think you can use them from 5 months - he could do with a little snack mid morning to see him through to lunchtime, but i didn't want to start filling him up with milk then!
    Dawn x
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