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Great weaning purees

Great idea Boo! Ethans favourite was apple and sultana not sure of qauntities, i always guessed but only used small amount of sultanas compared to quantity of apple.
Also the water from boiling fruits makes a great natural flavouring for babys drink.


  • Hi Girls,

    My two loved potato, sweet potato and butternut squash puree. (2 large potatoes, 1 sweet potato and half a butternut squash). It freezers well to.

    Also, mango and banana went down well.

    Zoe x
  • Hiya
    Cameron absolutely loves butternut squash and sweetcorn (1/2 butternut squash and a handful of sweetcorn), for just weaned babies you need to pass sweetcorn through a nylon sieve. He also really likes carrot and swede!
    Hmmm we seem to have a bit of an orange theme in our house!!
    Dawn x
  • I'm going to be brave and try broccoli again tonight, the last time he had it he was sick everywhere. I'm going to mix it in with some sweet potato so hopefully he'll eat it!!
  • Yippee, the broccoli was a success!!!
  • I've started Cameron on chicken this week and he absolutely loves it with sweet potato and apricot. Basically you just heat 1tbsp sunflower oil in a pan and saute 40g chopped onion for a few minutes until soft. Add 175g chopped chicken and saute for another couple of minutes. Tip in 200g chopped sweet potato and 8 chopped dried apricots. Pour over 400ml chicken stock and bring to the boil. Cover and simmer for about 15 minutes.
    It makes about 5 portions and it's ok to freeze.

    Does anyone know where i can get unsalted stock cubes. I couldn't find any in the supermarket so i used water instead, think it would be tastier with stock!!
  • Hi dawn,
    Is that and Annabel Karmel recipe, it looks like one I recognise?

    I would also love to know where to get unsalted stock cubes as I cant find them anywhere. I use a little bit of a normal stock cube, but dont like using too much.

    Tara loves chicken too. She got bored with just plain veg quite quickly, so introduced meat a couple of weeks ago. To be quite honest we've been having fresh veg quite alot recently, so we've been able to give Tara a couple of dinners that we eat this week. Its been nice.
    Hope you are well.
    Kas xx
  • I think so, had a look at the feeding articles on the home page and i noted down a few of her recipes.
    Cameron's started trying to grab at what's on our plates so we've started offering him a 1 or 2 spoons of what we're having (on top of his own dinner) and he loves it. He had mashed banana and custard for his pudding tonight and he wolfed it down (he's such a hungry horace!!)

    I'll keep searching for the stock cubes, but in the meantime i might use just a little bit of a normal one like you do.
  • Hi All
    Just spoke to gillan (who used to be a chef and is very much the cook in our house) and he said he uses the normal stock cubes in Ethans food because once made up and split between the family or frozen in several portions, there's not a large amount of salt in it.

    However he's found this Gordon Ramsey recipe for chicken stock which has no added salt. Gillan says this doesn't have to be a chicken stock and can easily be vegetarian or different meats This could be frozen in ice cube trays ready for you to use.

    2kg chicken carcass or bony joints
    4 litres cold water
    3 celery sticks roughly chopped
    2 leeks roughly chopped
    2 onions roughly chopped
    2 lge carrots roughly chopped
    1/2 head garlic
    1lge thyme sprig


    boil chicken and bring to the boil
    Add veg garlic and thyme return to the boil then simmer uncoverd for roughly 3 hours
    Strain and cool then chill and use within 3 days or freeze
  • I also had bother finding no salt stock cubes but I found an alternative with Kallo Organic Low salt veg stock cubes. I have only seen them in Waitrose but I'm sure other supermarkets must do them. They are also Gluten and Lactose free.
    Also when I first weened katelin I just used water and added a tiny bit of onion just to give it a bit of flavour.
  • Saw the ready made baby gravy pouches in sainsbury's last week.
    They also do pasta sauces too and a cheese sauce.
  • Hi Boo i know i'm lucky to have gillan but i would actually like to improve my culinary skills but he doesn't give me the chance!
    Did any of you ever see the LLoyd Grossman ad for his own sauces? Hie 'wife' was trying to cook and all he did was lean over her shoulder tutting and giving 'advice' so in the end she gave up! Gillan is JUST like that and it can be annoying! I used to be the one who baked cakes in our house but he's taken over that too i think it had somethinbg to do with his mum not liking my cakes!
  • Hi Lucyanne, Ive just seen those sauces in Asda too. Ive bought one to try out. They've also started stocking the tiny pasta stars which I bought too.
    Kas xx

    Hi Tasha,
    didnt see that, but I can imagine. I do most of the cooking in the house but on his weekends off, Ant does the dinner at least one night. Ive learnt to leave him to it and not tell him how to do things unless he asks. Maybe you could come to a similar arrangement with Gillan.
    Hope you guys are ok
    Kas xx
  • Yes he's started too although he never used to bake. They made a gorgeous choc chip sponge on sunday.
    Trouble is, his cakes turn out better than mine so he's now completly taken over and there's no way i get time to bake in the day when he's not around!
    I just about manage jam tarts with Ethan!
  • Hi Tasha
    I'm sure your cakes were delicious.
    I wish John would help in the kitchen a bit more, i think i would need to draw him a map first though!!!
  • Cameron's been on chicken for a couple of weeks now and absolutely loves it. I'd like to start introducing beef, does anyone have ideas for purees using mince?
  • Thanks Boo.
    I'll try them in a few days, i'm sure he'll love beef (it's food after all!!!)
  • Hi Dawn,
    Mince beef goes well with any veg. Try a bolognese too. Tara loves that. Do you worry about what Cameron or are you quite keen for hin to try new things?
    With Niamh, I was so careful and didnt give her any of our dinners until she was a little older, I made her own food and froze it, but I find that since having the girls, we are eating healthier anyway, so with Tara, Im giving her quite a lot of our meals, or at least taking part of it and pureeing it.
    Hope you find lots of nice recipes
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kas
    In the beginning i was quite worried about introducing new foods, but he'll pretty much eat anything so i've chilled out a bit!! He really enjoys trying a little bit of what we're having, although i did catch John trying to feed him some of his scone yesterday(don't think he's quite ready for that although he was having a good try).
  • Hi Dawn,
    Does Ethan like finger foods? If so, Tara loves the organix rusks orange flavour. They are nice and soft aswell.
  • Sorry Dawn, sorry, ive been silly, Ive just been messaging Tasha and writing Ethan, now I called Cameron Ethan. So sorry again.
    Sorry Cameron!!!!
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