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mesh bag ?

Does anyone know where to buy the mesh bag that you can put food in so that its safe for newly weaned babies?
My friend is after one and I know it was mentioned on one of our post. Any info would be appriciated.
Many thanks


  • Hi Lucyanne,

    JoJoMamanBeBe sell them, can't find my mag to tell you how much.

    Zoe x
  • Thanks Zoe.
    Just looked on their web site.They are £10 and £8 for the refills. Will let my friend know . Thanks very much x
  • Hi lucyanne,
    Funny you mentioned that, Ive just bought one for Tara. Got it from Toys r us. They aren't quite the same as the ones from Jojomamanbebe, you dont get refills for these ones, but they are only £3.99 each. They are great though. They are made by a company called munchkin. Hope this helps,
    Kas xx
  • Thanks for your reply Kas
    I will pass on the info .
    have you started using it yet and is it as good as it seems?
  • Hi guys,
    Yes I started using it, but as Tara still cant quite get the coordination to get it into her mouth herself, I have to do it for her. But it will be great when she can do it herself. It can be messy to clean, I generally have to use a brush, but it is great when we're out to be able to just pop a piece of banana or rusk in there, rather than having to find somewhere to sit and mix it with milk etc. They also fit quite big pieces of food in it.
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kas
    Have passed on your comments and my friend has ordered some from jojomamanbebe.So thankyou for that. I just wished I had seen them when my daughter was first weaning, I love a gadget!!
  • I think they sound great, will get one from toys are us for when Amber can finally eat!! x
  • How is Ambers eating?

  • Will you let me know how you get on with them. Two of my friends have recently had babies and we always give each other useful presents as the children get so many toys off other people. If they are any good they'll make handy presents for this Christmas.

    Thanks, Zoe x
  • She seems ok on the porridge but she's struggling to eat it, i think because she has hardly eaten before, she's struggling with the texture i'm making it quite runny but that seems worse! Thanks for asking, hope yours are all well xx
  • can you wizz it with a hand blender a bit too to make it smoother?
  • will give it a go had thought of that but wasn't sure if it would just turn to liquid, i'm trying to get the right balance as the hv has scared me saying her speech might be delayed because apperently chewing is an important part of their development (i don't think i needed to know that)! x
  • Cant believe she said that, like you have'nt got enough to worry about.
    Katelin didnt have solids until she was 8 months. she can say quite a few words. And she babbles and has done for a long time. Thats exercising her muscles I would have thought.
    Have you found many foods that Amber has no reaction to yet?
  • Hi All!

    I thought this was a good place to post this pic i'm very proud of it! It was the first time Amber had used her mesh bag and was very exciting that she was able to eat a snack (pear) like Ethan well worth the £10 for us!For those looking to buy one, i didn't buy the replacement bags as they were another £8 but the original one seems quite hardy and so far is still in good condition.
  • Thats lovely Tasha,
    A great pic to show Amber when she's older.
  • She looks like she's really enjoying that!!!!
    How is her eating now, is she still having potato and cauliflower?
  • What a great picture Tasha, Amber looks so cute!
    I hope her eating is going well xx
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