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3 meals a day?!

We started weaning Hollie about 2 weeks ago and have been giving her purees as first tastes because she refuses to eat rice.

I put her on 2 meals a day on thursday, and yesterday she had 3. It was because she had her first one hours earlier than normal because she was up early. So i just gave her an extra one. However she also had a lot of milk from me yesterday and fed a lot better than she normally does. She had her last feed at 8.15pm and was in bed by 8.40. She then slept right through until 7.45am. Do you think i should continue with 3 meals as long as she takes the same amount of milk?

I dont want to push her onto 3 meals too early, but that was the best night we have had from her in a long time. She is normally up feeding and dozing from about 2.30am onwards.


  • Thats great news Karen, you have to go at their pace and if she is ready for 3 meals then so be it. If she's having her milk thats fine. Luka generally has a bottle anywhere between 3 and 6am!! He then has breakfast when he wakes up around 6ish (if he's slept well will be more like 7.30/8 if he had bottle at 6am) about a third of a weetabix, a bottle mid morning, lunch, bottle mid afternoon then tea and bath/bed/milk.
  • She seems to need it at the moment though because she is eating three meals and still feeding from me just as much. Today she had milk at 7.45 when she woke, apple and pear breakfast, and another lit of milk at 9. Then she had both sides milk at 11.30, mashed potato at 1 and both sides again. so she hasn't cut down the amount of milk so i will kepp her on 3 meals and just see how she goes. She will also have half a tin of strawberry cheescake for tea around 6pm which she loves.

    I was a bit worried that she shouldnt be on 3 meals yet, but they are only small meals and she drinks the same amount of milk. So i will carry on with 3 for the next few days and see how she goes.
  • I think once they get the hang of it they really want more. Once I put luka on 2meals he was then on 3 by the end of week!!

    Hope she enjoys her tea and has a good nights sleep. We are going to put Luka in travel cot in Toms room tonight as Tom away at his dads it will be first time we havent had him in with us so if he sleeps ok in there maybe we could move him at long last!!
  • Yeah she was only on 2 meals for 2 days then she upped to 3 meals.

    Good luck for tonight, i hope Luka sleeps well for you then you can enjoy some time away from him. First night we moved Hollie out of our room she slept all night so Ian and i got to spend some much needed time alone together.
  • yes I can't wait!!! its so nice when they are out of your room, no more creeping around in the dark! X
  • Karen, Bronwyn has the following:
    Porridge - huge bowl at 6.45am, 3 oz milk
    7oz milk at 9.30am
    Rusk and milk at 11.30
    7 cubes of savoury puree and 5 of sweet puree at 1
    7oz milk
    7 cubes of savoury puree and fromage frais at 4.30
    7oz of milk at 6.15
    between 5 and 7oz at 3am ish!

    I wish she would sleep through the night, I am wondering if she needs supper too??
  • Caroline, what time does Bronwyn go to bed? Hollie doesnt go normally until 9, but i take her up and bath her and feed her etc and she is in bed by 9pm. However just recently she has been a lot more tired at bedtime so she has shifted it herself, by falling asleep during her feed, by half an hour. So she is now normally in bed by 8.30.

    She doesnt normally sleep all night so i am hoping last night wasnt a one off.

    How long after starting to wean did you put Bronwyn onto 3 meals?
  • Hi Karen,
    Hollie sounds like she is adjusting herself like Bronwyn did. Each baby is different so don't worry about her being the same as anyone else, just go with the flow! That is what I am doing!! i was told that i was too regimental with my routine by some friends, but that was because their kid only just got into a routine at 18 months!! They had a nightmare with her, there was no way i was going to go through that!!!

    When I was on maternity leave Bronwyn stayed up with me but I noticed that she was getting tired earlier than 9. I did a baby massage course and realised that it knocked her out, thus our bedtime routine started. I started putting her into her cot in her own room at Christmas and she slowly started getting earlier and earlier going to bed. I was aiming to have her in bed by 7 by the time I went back to work.

    We go upstairs anywhere between 5.30 and 6, depending on what naps she has had during the day. We bath together, have a quick massage, milk and then she is in bed by 6.30 at the latest and always asleep by 6.45. She wakes once in the night, usually at 3 and then gets up at 6!

    At first bronwyn had 2 meals a day, usually baby porridge and then a rice dish. When she went to nursery we went onto 3 meals as they feed her tea. She was 4.5 months by then.
  • It sounds like you have done really well with Bronwyn. To be fair 6-6.45 with one feed is good for a baby her age i suppose. I personally dont think that is too regimental, it is good to get them into a routine at this age. Otherwise like you say there will be problems as they get older. When you are working children need that routine else it would be so hard for you.
    I am hoping to shift her bedtime forward when her solids become established and she is taking more solids at meals. She is a small baby, only 6lbs 13 born and i think she was 13lbs 9 3 weeks ago. So she has always fed little and often which is a bit of a pain as some days it seemed like that is all i did was feed her.

    That baby massage course sounds interesting, where did you do it? I would like to look into something like that.

    Karen xx
  • Hi Caroline sounds like a great routine that you have there. I have always liked routines as it helps you get through the day, and I think they like to know whats happening next. My baby's have only ever really cried when they were tired so a routine is good for avoiding that. Well done Caroline as you sound like you are doing a great job.

    Karen, I did baby massage with Tate, it is quite easy when you get the hang of it, you wouldn't necessarily have to go to a class (I think they gear the classes to slightly younger babies who are more inclined to lay still ie before they roll etc, but I may be wrong?) They have books and dvds in my library on it, but it is really good to settle them.
  • Thanks Nicola. I was determined to get Bronwyn into a decent routine as I had witnessed other people's mistakes and the problems it caused. Bronwyn only cries when tired or in pain. She tends to cough to get my attention!!!

    Karen, the baby massage course I did was offered through our sure start free. However Bronwyn was too young at the time (less than 6 weeks), so I ended up going for the same course vis the NCT which cost me £8, well worth it. I was pleased I did it whilst she was young as she won't lie still long enough now. If I can find the leaflets showing you what to do I can post them to you if you want??

    Tonight I used my annabel karmel star pasta. I sauteed a tomato, less the skin and seeds and added a little cheese (curtesy of the annabel karmel book) and added some pasta. Then I blitzed it down, it still had texture and Bronwyn was a bit unsure st first but ate the lot!!!
  • good girl Bronwyn!! X
  • hi karen, sounds like you are doing very well. going at hollies pace is definitely the best thing. babies wont take the food if they dont need it.
    how is she getting on with 3 meals now??

    caroline, bronwyn too sounds like shes growing well. cant wait to meet her on sunday!!

    nicola, how did it go the other night putting luka into the travel cot in toms room?

    hope you are all well
    kas xx
  • Caroline that is funny about Bronwyn coughing to get your attention, Hollie does a pathetic fake cough to get Ian's attention too. Ans she always develops a cough at meal times when she is in her highchair. Today she learnt how to cough with food in her mouth.
    Bronwyn really is enjoying her food and you are offering her a good variety of things.
    If you find those leaflets let me know, and if i dont mind i will send you my address for you to post them to me. Maybe a class would be a bit ambitious as i barely manage to keep her still for a nappy change.

    Kas, she has been fine on 3 meals a day. Although she did choke on the spoon earlier which resulted in all her food being brought back up. She has been teething today and was grabbing the spoon to chew on, but put too much in her mouth. On the whole she is sleeping a lot better, she slept through for 3 nights. But last night woke once for food, which is still a lot better than previous. We are just taking it slowly and although she is on 3 meals they arent big meals.
  • Karen, I think bronwyn was about 10 weeks when she first realised that coughing got my attention! She is a clever little monkey.
    Her latest trick it switching the aquarium in her cot on and off with her feet!!

    Bronwyn also chews on her spoon to ease teething, and she has taught herself to blow raspberries. This she does just as you put a loaded spoon into her mouth, you can imagine the result!!! The nursery staff mentioned this today!!

    I will dig out the massage leaflets over the weekend and photocopy them at work next week!
  • Luka kicks his music box in his cot to try and make it start!!

    Karen, did you manage to try Hollie on any toast or crusts?? xxx
  • Caroline, Hollie does that too, she waits until the spoon is just about to go into her mouth then blows a raspberry on it. Bronwyn and Hollie seem to be developing the same skills at roughly the same time. Hollie has also learned that putting her hand in her spoon, when its full of food, then rubbing the food over her face is fun.

    Thankyou Caroline i will pm you my address now.

    Nicola, i did give her a crust from my bread yesterday morning but she choked on it so i will wait a while longer before trying again.
  • Bronwyn had hot cross bun on Good Friday, it was only a few small pieces that were smothered with butter and so very soft but she enjoyed them!

    I tried her with stage 2 jars whilst I was away over the weekend, however she wasn't impressed with the texture! I think she needs texture but not as much as these had as they had some huge lumps!
  • Thats nice caroline, i gave Hollie a toast crust with butter on this morning and she loved it.
    Bronwyn is doing really well with weaning. How lumpy is the food you are giving her? We have just moved on to mashed food with Hollie, before everything went throught the sieve. But over the last couple of days i have just mashed it and added water or milk to smooth it slightly.
  • She is currently finishing off her purees, I am going to put the next batch through the mouli which leaves some texture, almost like mashing. I have just bought lots of fruit and am just reading up on recipes in the Annabel Karmel book!
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