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Textured food

Bronwyn has started choking as soon as textured food hits her mouth and will gip until she is sick!

She has also started refusing the pureed dinner that the nursery are giving her. She will eat 2 yoghurts instead! I have asked the nursery to start giving her more texture so that she is getting it from all angles, not just me!!!

Any help or advice????


  • stick with it, isaac used to suck the sauce off the lumps and spit the lumps out! however, now hes quite capable of eating a mcdonalds!
  • My mum a had similar thing with chantelle,even the slightest of lumps and she would spit it back,she then tryed her with chunky veg soup but mashed the bits with a folk and she ate that no probs.
    She didnt really eat lumps till her teeth came through.
  • You could try Annabel Karmel pasta stars mixed in with her purees. They are textured but very soft. You could start off by just putting in 1/2 a teaspoonfull and gradually increase the amount.
  • Also pureed chicken has texture without being too lumpy.
  • Hi Caroline i have just replied to your other post.

    Um... like i said Hollie refused to eat anything from a spoon recently. But if you fought with her enough and managed to get some yoghurt on her lips she would eat it from the spoon. Another boy at group where we go has started to refuse foods, but will eat sweet things. Is she refusing all foods except sweet things regardless of if there are lumps in it?

    Has she been ok with texture up until now? It could be a phase she is going through, or has she previously choked on something that has now made her wary of texture causing her to gag.

    Sorry i cant be much more help. xx
  • i've recently found that luka will only eat if holding something in his hand. It used to be a spoon but now it has to be a little car or train that he pushes across his highchair tray, i also bought him an interactive fisher price table mat for xmas (as it was from 6months) which I may now get out of the box. I think distraction is good for us.

    I agree with lucy that soft textured food, ie pasta, very well cooked carrot or bread should go down easier. But like claire has said just stick with it. What is she like if she can pick the food up and put in her mouth?? Luka loves fish fingers with the breadcrumbs taken off, chopped new pots and peas or carrots or beans which he feeds himself for the last couple of months.
  • i very rarely fed George pureed food, i did the BLW (baby led weaning)
    you give baby the food how you would eat it i.e potatoes, carrots, peas whole and not mashed up. Put them on her tray without a fork/spoon/bowl and she will learn how to feed herslef by picking the objects up. If she is hungry she will find the way how to grasp the food and bring it to her mouth.
    It is very messy!! but i found George was better with this and didnt really like mashed food when i gave it to him. It also help him like differnt textures and differnt tastes.
    There is no real need to worry about chocking because a baby has a gagging reflex and will automatically bring something back up
    Here is a couple of photo's of George feeding himself
  • I have half term next week and am going to try giving her just finger food and see how she gets on!

    I had to fill in a nursery survey last night and I have a feeling the chef will be offended!! She put the name of the child on the form which I think is wrong, if you are doing information gathering then you shouldn't need the name of the child! They think that she has chosen the parents which she thinks will give favourable answers!! ooops!
  • ooops!!! Tom had a fab chef at his nursery she was lovely. He ate better there than with me!!! It was a shock when he went to school!
  • Caroline,

    Try not to worry too much. Charl didn't like lumps/textures, she was later going through the stages but I did it at her pace and now there is no stopping her! She just wasn't ready at first.

    Good luck with the finger foods next week.
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