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Finger Food Ideas

Hi Everyone,

My little one (9months) loves finger foods but is much less keen on purees. She likes pasta, bread/ toast, grated cheese, potato, cucumber and most fruits. I just wondered what other finger foods people were feeding their little ones as there seem to be loads of books about purees but none about finger foods.



  • I put a post on in the lounge about finger food book. It was on amazon. It's just called finger foods I think.
  • Hi my little one is 8 months old now, and the finger foods she eats are things like:

    Boiled egg
    jaffa cakes lol
    pieces of meat, beef chicken etc
    carrot (cooked)
    sandwiches cut small

    I cant really think what else she eats as finger foods, but we pretty much give her anything to eat as a finger food but just watch her to see how she copes with it. Hope that helps xx
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