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When to combine tastes?

Hello ladies,

James is just over 6 months old. We waited until 6 months to begin weaning. He's currently on 2 meals a day, we've given 1 for a week, then 2 will be up until Thursday.

We started with some finger foods and purees, now we're more purees than finger foods. Still smooth purees.

Ok, not to the actual question! :lol: When did/will you introduce more than one eg. veg at a meal? Currently James is having one veg, then a pudding. But I'm not sure when to start giving 2 veg mixed, as he obviously hasn't tried everything singuarly yet. It's confusing me because the jars etc have mixed tastes, and if there was a reaction or something, how are you supposed to know what caused it?

Thanks for any help. xx


  • my son is 6 months and we started spoonfeeding 2 weeks ago i was breast feeding for the first 4 months and now he is on formula milk His routine is

    between 7-8am Bottle of 7 oz
    about 10.30-11 he will have few spoons of baby porridge and fruit
    11-1 he will snooze for 2 hours maybe one sometimes
    1ish he will have bottle 7 oz
    between 4-5 he will have veg could be sweet potato carrot parsnip courgette brocolli spinach and pea puree
    he might have bottle at 6
    then bottle just before bed bout 8 or 9pm does this sound ok
  • im in the same boat i started with carrot really smooth texture then 3days later i tried parsnip really smooth when i know he liked the taste of both i mixed them up and he liked it. i find the weaning hard but it is important to introduce alot of different tastes sweet potato is good o and butternut squash i did do brocolli and he didnt like it on its own so i give it with sweet pototo or butternutsquash and he loved it. a babys iron store start to drop from 6 months so it is important to introduce iron rich foods. it is hard another one i tried is carrot pea and spinach sounds rotten but when combined they are lovely i make my own and freeze them hope this helps
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