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sicky baby or too much food??

i started weaning my lo when he was five months old (4 weeks ago) he really enjoys his food and he is now on three meals a day (quite small meals i.e. half a jar of 4 mnth cow and gate or 3 ice cubes of home made veg purees). he was still taking 4 x 8oz feed of formula milk a day. he has always bought up a little milk after feeds when being winded but just lately he has sicked up several times after being fed and winded, sometimes over an hour after his last feed. he doesnt seem to be bringing up much wind anymore. i have just started him on gripe water with his feeds tonight as infacol didnt seem to help in bringing the wind up.

A couple of times first thing in the morning, he has brought back up what seems like the entire bottle (all over my bed!). he doesnt have colic and it doesnt seem to bother him when he does this. do you think he is having too much food and milk???? i should also say that when i upped the meals to 3 a day, he began to get constipated so i tried giving him cooled boiled water / apricots to help him a long a bit. this alleviates the problem for a day or so but he becomes constipated again days later. i include a lot of fruit and veg in his food at the minute so he should be getting enough fibre to be 'regular'. sorry for rambling on but any ideas on what i could try differently? anyone had similar problems??i'm seeing the HV next tuesday so will speak to her about it then.


  • im really sorry that i dont know how to help coz i know its not pleasant cleaning up the mess! but i didnt wanna just read and run, so i thought id wish you good luck in getting to the bottom of it. hope the hv can help x
  • I could have wrote this myself, I was wondering if you got an answer from the HV?
  • xpatmum, sorry i havent looked at this in a while!! i spoke to the doctor about it and he said that apparently there is a valve at the top of our stomach that opens and closes to let food in. babies take a while for it to fully develop and until this happens, this can be why they sick bits back up. he said he would grow out of it eventually and that as he becomes more established on solids, the food will stay down better. also he did check that he was putting on weight as he should be and was healthy.
    i have to say, he is now 8 1/2 months old and whilst he still sicks a little up after a formula feed, he is far better than he was at six months. he is also a lot better after his normal food feeds now he is having a lot of finger food. jar food we still have a problem with, i think because of its consisteny. i keep him upright after a feed for about 30 mins and try not to let him jump around too much (easier said than done!)
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