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I am putting together a baby gift bag for my friend who is expecting her first child and wanted to get her a baby cook book and wondered which one's you would recommend. Now I haven't bothered with a recipe book as I've just used the internet and made it up as I go along but my friend doesn't even know where the kitchen is, she doesn't understand what a baby can eat when and what protein, gluten etc are so I want it to help her understand what a baby can have when and why to avoid certain foods and what they are rich in whilst offering easy to follow recipes. It's the one thing she is worried about because she only does food out of a packet. Thanks girls x x


  • I have Annabel Karmel's new complete baby and toddler meal planner and I love it! Loads of information and advice about weaning and when to introduce foods etc, very easy to read and fab recipes. I'm really enjoying cooking the recipes for my LO. Think I had an email from Amazon saying it was half price at the moment x
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