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How many meals and when?


My son is 5 months old and I strated weaning him at 4 months as he showed every sign of being ready. He now has 2 meals a day but recently I have struggled to work out when is best time to give him these. I don't follow any book just my instinct as I found books no help when I wened my daughter 2 years ago. I started weaning by giving him breakfast which was rice/cereal followed by his milk but we have just gone through a stage of him waking about 6 ish which I think is too early for "breakfast" so he was having a bottle around 6:30ish and solids at 8. He then seemed ready for another meal so I started giving him tea. He has a bottle at 2;30ish then solids at 5 when dd has her dinner. This all started out okay but now if he takes his bottles he doesn't want his solids so I have started to give him solids at 7 followed by his bottle (he's decided to wake up at sensible time again) and solids at 2:30-3ish followed by his bottle but now he's refusing his afternoon milk after his solids.

So I just wondered when you give you're child their solids in relation to their milk feeds?

To pre-empt a couple of questions:-

Yes, I am still sure he is ready for weaning, milk is definitely not enough for him anymore but it's just a case of finding his pattern.

I choose to give him breakfast and tea because he is always to tired at lunch to tolerate something new

I know Gina Ford recommends giving the "tea" solids with their bedtime bottle but that just wouldn't work for us.

Any help will be gratefully received


Wendy and Sebastian (5 months)


  • Hi, my son is also 5 months and I started weaning him at 4months + 1 week. He is a very hungry baby as he is a big boy! He now weighs 19lb.

    Thomas has 3 meals and 3 formula milk feeds per day as follows:

    Thomas wakes at 7am and he has 7oz of formula. He then has his breakfast C&G creamy porridge at 9am followed by half a cup of watered down juice.

    Lunch time is at 1pm and he has one pot of veg puree and one pot of fruit puree and half a cup of watered down juice.

    Tea time is at 5pm and he has one pot of veg puree and 7oz of formula milk.

    He has his last formula milk feed of 8oz at 8pm and then bed!

    Hope this helps.

    Emma and Thomas (5 months)
  • i started weaning my son at 6 months we have a routine now im not sayng it will always work but does seem ok
    between 7-8 hell get 7 oz bottle
    10.30-11ish he will have porridge and fruit puree

    Then he wil nap for one hour or 2
    Then between 1-2 he will have a bottle 7 oz
    between 4-5 he will have veg puree could be sweet potato brocolli butternut squash spinach pea and carrot
    Then bottle about an hour later about 4 ounces
    then bottle before bed bout 9ish he normally doesnt wake till 7 ish and we start the process again however in last week he waking at 5.30 think its his teeth
    Does this sound like a good routine and is he getting enough
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