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Talkback: Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate twins arrive


  • well said, me and the other half are currently considering cancelling his snip, and told a close friend who doesnt have children yet, hasnt even tried, and we were told we should be greatfull!!!

    Im chuffed for her, but im obviously stuck in playhouse disney land as i didnt know she had her first child until i saw the twins arrival announced!

  • Pleased for her,but I just can't imagine what the poor surrogate lady feels.How could you go through all that,especially with twins,and then go home with nothing but a paycheck.You'd feel empty.

    I'm not critisising the surrogate ,I just couldn't imagine being in that place.

    Okay still hormonal.

  • i dont know how people do it, i get upset enough missing my bump and i have my baby with me!

    Did anyone see the program, addicted to surrogacyimage

  • I couldn't watch that.I know they aren't actually yours if you're a surrogate,but you carry the baby,feel it kicking,you give birth to it,then nothing.You must feel some sense of loss.

    I miss my bump too,even though I couldn't wait for him  to be here.

  • its a strange one isnt it, feeling like youve lost something when its there. hard to explain x
  • I am so happy for them!

    I think it's great that having difficulties conceiving the second time round has been highlighted by someone as well known as SJP. It happened to my friend and she grew so frustrated when people didn't sympathise saying 'be lucky that you have ONE.' Some people need to realise that any type of infertility is upsetting, whether you have 1 baby or 7. 

    Not sure about the name Tabitha though...... hmmm

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