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Talkback: ‘World’s oldest mum’ dies


  • I think that is very sad news,but to be honest you wouldn't have risked it at that age,it isn't putting your childs best interest first.

    I take my hat off to young mums-I could never have had a baby young-I couldn't look after myself let alone a child. Some days I wish I had had kids younger but I'm sure there are bonus' for having kids at any age-but over 55 is a bit risky as proved here. Hope kids are looked after now.

  • i know i was too young when i had jack as i can see i was quite selfish, it took me about 6weeks to get a grip and be mum, granted his early arrival and time in scbu didnt help but im making up for it now.

     i think between 20-45 is the right age lol, but for me i think id stop at 35 saying that though when i get there id probs keep trying, ah who knows! i just think over 50 is just pushing it, i mean at 66 are you really going to want to deal with the sex talk etc?? i know my grandma wouldnt and she was only 54 when i was 16, and shes a pretty hip grandma lol.

     did anyone else see the 70something yr old spending thousands in ivf??

  • No I didn't and I'm quite glad,I hate shouting at the TV!

    If I'd have had a baby at 18,it would have taken me 6yrs to get my act together never mind 6wks Laura! Although I did live on my own,it certainly wasn't an ideal situation!

    I'm glad I waited,but did that wait compromise my fertility? I think it did. Ah well they're here now,and I do look after them well,it's the only thing I do well like......image

  • I agree with you Laura. I think being a very old mum is selfish, she spent her life lolling about and enjoying herself rather than having children then paniced and had them when nature tells you no. there is a reason menopause from around 45. because our bodies (most of the time) know best. how sad for those boys
  • i agree she was too old to be having babies!

    I had my first at 22 and my 3rd at 27, i would love another but like you laura i dnt wanna go past 35yrs.

    How does the older mum cope with a crying baby, a manacing toddler and a moody teenager?!

    My mum was 36 when she had my sis and she agrees she wasnt as patient as she was when having me 8 yrs previous.

    Poor children i say!

  • i know i risk being lynched for this but i think being a much older mum is selfish, what about the impact on those poor childrens life wellbeing and stability!

    My mum isnt really old but with 20yrs between me and thomas, i notice how hard she finds it, im not exagerating when i say the minute she sits down shes dosing! she admits it harder and she has alot less patience, i know this isnt the case for every older mum, i just think when you reach a certain age you need to realise your children need you longer than youll be around, were planning one more baby when were older, but if ive not become pregnant by 35 we agreed to stop, mainly as theres twins in my family and i dont think i could cope if i was older, im sure many who do, do a fab job though!

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