Talkback: Does diet affect my baby's gender?


  • If it was true I'd have all boys,cos I'm bad .Can't imagine I had a healthy eating thing going on each girl.

    All the same,I need a boy next time to even the score,so lots of lovely calories coming up

  • you have a pattern going though boy girl girl boy girl girl boy! so it has to be a girl next lol!
  • Yes,that's true.Two more girls before the next boy,nice round ten then,don't want to break the pattern.

    I'm sure if there was anything more than coincidence to the story though,someone will have found a way to market something and made a small fortune out of it.

  • blimey ten, what sorta car would you have to have or bus should i say, wouldnt wanna try parking that lol!

    a friends told me there is or going to be pregnancy tests that tel the sex, any truth in that?? surely thats a bit unethical as youll get people having abortions until they get what they want, thats why some hospitals here dont tell the sex

  • We're already looking for a bigger minibus.Car seats take up more room than bums on seats,so we've just about outgrown our little Ladybird.We were looking for a holiday for next year and there's no cottages or caravans big enough without paying silly money,so we're going back to camping next year so need a big van.I only just got the confidence to parallel park this one.

    I'd be suprised if you could find out the sex with a pregnancy test.It is open to abuse by those that want one sex or the other

  • just buy a coach jo, save you the trouble of replacing again when you become mrs pontipine lol!
  • Must be true-for 1 the telegraph didn't conduct it,and 2 yeah I have boys!!!!!

    Jo you defo need mini bus,you know the 20something seat ones!!! I don't envy you shopping for a huge car mate,aren't 9 seaters well pricey?

    How many seats do the biggest mpv's go up to? Sounds like Merlin won't be the last then!image

  • We have a 12 seater mini bubig one this time.Something to get all the kids and their gear in plus we're going back to camping next summer so it'll have to be big.Looking at 17 seats.No,I'm not having 17 kids,just car seats take more room up than bums
  • ha lol!!!

    i agree i occasionally feel sorry for roo in the back of friends 206 between a big fat britax elvolver and lolas maxi cosi then i realised how comfy i am up front and forget lol!

  • Good god Jo 17 seats!!!!! Blimey,that is huge! Ah yeah but you will have 8 kids I bet!image

    Understand tho,a car seat takes up place of 2 lil bottoms,and all tha stuff you must have to take on atrip-I just can't imagine.

    Jo what are mealtimes like at your house? Do you have to cook all different stuff? Dya all sit round table? You must be knackered after mealtimes,I am-and counting big fella I've only got 3!!!!

  • ive read this kind of thing before and allthough im unsure of how much is true, it seems right for when my two were concieved.
  • I am a banana fiend and someone reckoned that the more potassium intake, the greater chances of a girl.  I did have a girl, but you could read things into allsorts of theories.
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